Labor Day is about deep energy, not sales

Labor Day is about deep energy, not sales

Hey Hey Rasa Fam

I’m Viv, the Editorial Director here at Rasa. You’ve never heard from me directly before, but I wanted to pop in & chat re: you, your deep energy, and what the heck that all has to do with Labor Day.

Also, I’m about to get *real* vulnerable with you. (Eek!)

When I was a kid, my single, working-class mom was chronically exhausted. Like, really. She’d walk through the door, irritable and with a wash of sadness about her, as though every step hurt.

I watched as her beautiful life-force was perpetually taxed by her company; I was heartbroken that she felt she had no other option.

(I know this is a bummer of a story. I promise it gets better! Just keep reading.)

When our CEO, Lopa, proposed that we *not* have a sale today, our marketing peeps were slightly horrified. Because we’re a growing start-up and we run on grit, wits, and lots of love (But also, sales. Because #capitalism.)


Rasa is a different company. We stand for something much deeper than just an amazing adaptogenic bevvie that supports people’s lives to get better and better, everyday.

Rasa stands for deep energy; the inner revolution that happens when people stop overriding their bodies in order to meet the demands of a society that bases individuals’ worth/iness on their productivity & subsequent material means.

We’re not going to pretend that a full inner revolution is always possible for everyone—because that would just be straight-up classist. Telling essential workers and single moms to “just go at your own pace” when their very livelihood is based on whether or not they can keep up with the demands of the system would be unkind & unhelpful.

However, paying attention to your body and what nourishes it—and what irritates it—this is something that’s possible to most everyone, at least sometimes.

Things like...

Breathing deeper.

Putting your phone away an hour before bed.

Standing up from your desk or going outside every hour.

Saying no to non-essential demands and having a quick nap, bath, or an orgasm instead.

So many of us don’t even know what our *own* pace is. I know that I struggle with it myself. I think we all do. Listening to your body is the first step in energy reclamation.

Which brings me to Labor Day.

It’s not just about cute babies running through sprinklers and BBQs. It’s about the power of the worker and our ancestors, who fought SO hard for the five day work week. We all still have that power, and we can use it to demand what we know is right—for our bodies, for our communities, and for our country.

We didn’t do a sale this weekend, based on false scarcity, revving up your nervous system so that you’d buy a bunch of Rasa. Because Labor Day is a day to REST and unplug.

We didn’t want your face in your phone or your laptop this Labor Day.

We want your face in the sun, in the flowers, in the air; mushed in your babies, furries, or beloved.

We want all of us to take a collective break. A day to listen to our bodies. A day to tap into the inherent worth of each exquisite cell in your precious, incredible body.

A day to remember that no matter if you’re rich or poor, unemployed or over-worked, depressed & anxious or incredibly happy, that you deserve to access and harness your deep energy.

That energy belongs to you—and only you.

And Rasa will always be there to support you in reclaiming your energy sovereignty, in whatever ways you can.

Laura Viviana Rasa Brand Directoy

You’ve got this, and we’ve got you. Happy Labor Day.

- Laura Viviana (AKA Viv), Editorial Director, Rasa

P.S. Holy crow! You made it to the end! Thank you so much for reading. Now, please get off your phone & catch some rays.💛

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