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Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much energy do you have throughout your day?


I feel like a rockstar and am buzzing with energy all damn day.


I have plenty of energy, but it’s probably due to all the coffee I’m drinking.


I’m a rollercoaster, baby. My energy is all over the place!


Energy? I have 27 herbs in my pantry to help me with that...

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How do you feel after drinking coffee? (with caffeine)


I feel calm and energized, like the best version of myself.


That depends, what herbs am I mixing with the coffee?


I feel focused and clear, but sometimes I get a bad case of the jitters.


The coffee with caffeine makes me jittery and anxious.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How would you describe your relationship with being healthy?


I’m a health nut and I am one-upping myself to be as healthy as possible.


I’d like to be healthier, but who has the time? There are so many things.


I devote some time to my health, but I'd like to be doing more.


I enjoy improving my health and I look for new ways to do it.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much knowledge do you have about adaptogens?




I’m a total #adaptofan and always using them to elevate my health!


I’ve heard of the whole adaptogens thing. I’d love to learn more...


I’m familiar with them but I’d rather be listening to my favorite podcast.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox


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The 5 Categories of People Who Struggle with Becoming a Rasa Drinker

So, Rasa piqued your interest! But then something happened and you just couldn’t get the habit to stick...

Now we want to know what’s going on for you?

Was it one of the typical scenarios below that we hear about from our customers ALL the time?

  1. You didn’t try it yet!

  2. You tried it, but it tasted ahem… “different” that you’re used to…

  3. You got the Whole Rasa but feel like the process of boiling Rasa on the stove is keeping you from drinking it!

  4. You tried it and it was awesome, but you don’t know how to get this new habit going.

  5. You didn’t feel what you expected to feel and not sure why you should be drinking Rasa.

If you find yourself in one of these categories (or a combination of a few of them), read on to find out what to do next!


You didn’t try it yet!

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to get excited about something in the moment only to feel too overwhelmed to get started.

We get it, and we’ve got you!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Check out this video on how to brew your Rasa.

  2. Try this Rasape to make your Rasa tasty! If you ain’t got no time for a fancy recipe, most our peeps prefer their Rasa creamy–so just add cream or your favorite milk alternative. If it still doesn’t tickle your taste buds just right, add a little honey or another sweetener you love. Still not sure?

  3. Miss that coffee flavor? GO DIRTY! Add coffee! Seriously! You actually potentiate absorption of the herbal benefits in your body with the addition of a little caffeine, and we have SO many customers who ONLY drink their Rasa with coffee, that we’re actually coming out with a Dirty Rasa next month! (so stay tuned! :) Even just a splash of coffee really infuses that coffee taste into your Rasa!

  4. Committing to drinking Rasa every day for 8 days (or however many days you have left in your bag) will help you experience some of the benefits that adaptogenic herbs offer. But here’s the thing, while some of our herbs have immediate benefits, others take months to show their full effects! And some people are less sensitive than others (sorry, coffee-guzzlers, that’s you!) and it may take longer than you expect to experience the full magic of adaptogens. BUT TRUST US IT’S WORTH THE WAIT! We get people all the time who say that Rasa is actually CHANGING THEIR LIVES.

PRO TIP: Use the time it takes to brew Rasa as a daily tool for self-care. Set a reminder on your phone to take a break and use the 10 minutes of brew time to check-in with yourself (mind, body, and soul).


You tried it, but it tasted a bit, ahem, “different”...

Were you SO EXCITED to finally try your Rasa after all you read about its awesomeness, only to take a sip and be like “Yikes, this kinda taste like medicine...yard clippings...Chinese herbs...bitter barnyard…” (you fill in the blank)? 😬Every palate is different, and to be honest it always amazes us to receive one review RAVING about how delicious it is, only to have another say it tastes awful! We’re unique beings, all of us!

The bad news: Letdowns kinda suck and it’s normal to feel a bit discouraged.

The GREAT NEWS: You don’t have to give up your dreams of being a calm being that transcends tantrums from your toddler, boss,….[insert name here].

There are ways to make Rasa taste pretty damn good!

  1. For some people, it takes a few days for their taste buds to acclimate to savoring herbs and mushrooms from China, India and beyond! Did you like coffee or beer on your first sip? It may have taken a minute to acquire the taste for them, eh? Give your taste buds a minute to catch up and make a commitment to your 8-days o’Rasa!

  2. Put on your experimental hat and think of ways you can make your Rasa delicious. If you want some inspo, check out this Rasape for a nice Coco Mocha or just tinker with some of these ingredients: Full fat cream or coconut cream, honey or maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamom or ginger, cacao powder, ghee or coconut oil.

If you’re still having a hard time, EMAIL me (atyoursevice [@]!) Or join the FB group and let us support you there. We’re here to make sure that you don’t miss out on calm energy, stress resilience, and happy adrenals!

Here’s what Rachel says: “I am in love with Rasa! It gives me natural energy and helps me focus in the morning. I add honey and almond milk to drink it."

You got the Whole Rasa but feel like the process of boiling Rasa on the stove is keeping you from drinking it!

So you got the Whole Rasa and can't get into the groove? No worries, simply pick from one of the options below and keep on winning at life.

  1. Take some time and grind up your bag in a coffee grinder or mixer. Put it in a jar and brew in a French press from now on. 1 tbsp per cup, pour boiling water over your herbs, let steep for 10-15 minutes and you are golden!

  2. Brew a big batch all at once, strain it and put in in a big jar in the fridge. Do this once a week, four times and you will go through your bag o’ Rasa! After that, you might even start enjoying the process, and if you don’t, simply choose the Ground Rasa for your next order. (Note, soon we’ll only have ONE kind of Rasa that can be boiled in a pot OR brew in a French Press! Yay, simplifying!)

  3. Give the Whole Rasa to a more hippie-ish friend (telltale sign: is she wearing feather earrings or have a bunch of crystals in her house? She’ll probably love a bag of Whole Rasa…) and order a bag of Ground Rasa for your awesome self.


You tried it, and it was awesome, but you don’t know how to get this new habit going.

Raise your hand if you’re overwhelmed by life….now look around the imaginary room we’re all in together and see that pretty much all of us have our hands in the air!

This is the EXACT reason we NEED adaptogens!

We understand how hard it can be to change your habits, especially when you have a laundry list of seemingly never-ending to-dos.

Here’s what’s next:

If you’re a coffee drinker looking to detox from coffee, you’re in a for a treat! For you, we’ve created our 28-Day Calm Energy Coffee Detox. You can join for free here and we will hold your hand every step of the way. PLUS you’ll learn the latest habit hacks to change any unwanted habit you may have.

Marco says: “I'm an acupuncturist running a busy practice and I see many in an adrenal depleted state and I often ask that they take coffee out of their diet. I've recommended many coffee substitutes over my decades of practice but I find Rasa to be one of the more exceptional ones. It has a rich and complex taste while packed with adaptogenic herbs that are of great benefit.

If you’re looking to create a NEW healthy habit here’s what to do:

  1. Drink Rasa every day, for 8 days, to make sure you get to experience even a sliver of the benefits that adaptogenic herbs can offer. (Remember these are herbs that are meant to be taken daily for months, years, or EVEN DECADES, so don’t get too discouraged if the angels aren’t singing yet!)

  2. Write down your WHY, as in “why do you want to add Rasa to your life?” What’s the biggest benefit you are looking for? Then put that sign on your fridge, or anywhere you’re guaranteed to see it every day!

  3. Use the time it takes to brew Rasa as a daily tool for self-care. Set a reminder on your phone to take a break and use the 10 minutes of brew time to check-in with yourself (mind, body, and soul).

  4. Make it tasty by experimenting with some of these ingredients: Full fat cream or coconut cream, honey or maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamom or ginger, cacao powder, ghee or coconut oil. 

You didn’t feel what you expected to feel and are not sure why you should be drinking Rasa.

I’m sorry Rasa didn’t live up to your expectations. But sometimes we just need that second (or third or fourth!) date to truly see the full potential of something (or someone ;).

Here's the deal: adaptogens are herbs that are meant to be taken daily over the long term. Some of these herbs are classic longevity tonics that are meant to be taken for years or even decades.

We live in an instant society. We want results YESTERDAY dammit! But like most things truly worth it, Rasa can take a little time to really notice the impacts. As one of our longest-term subscribers wrote:

"I feel like it was a slower process than I expected to reap the rewards of all the adaptogens, so to all the doubters out there, give it a chance! Now, if I don't drink Rasa my energy is low, and I've become really in tune with that!" - Brittany H.

Since you basically have 12 new health allies just sitting there on your shelf, longing to support you with calm energy, increased stress resilience and vitality…

Will you give us another try?

Here’s a quick overview of our adaptogens* and herbs that we support you with:

Cinnamon for Circulation
Codonopsis* for Vitality
Reishi* for Relaxation
Rhodiola* for Endurance
He Shou Wu* for Longevity & Beauty
Burdock Root for Purification
Dandelion Root for Detoxification
Ashwagandha* for Calmness
Chaga for Immunity
Eleuthero* for Energy
Chicory Root for Digestion
Shatavari* for Nourishment

Now, imagine THESE in your cup (and body) every day! How would you feel in a month?

OK, beautiful human. Thank you for taking a chance on Rasa! It’s my baby, and I love that we get to learn how to enjoy life more fully together...

You’re actually kind of a badass pioneer in the world of health since Adaptogens are just starting to take off (even though they’ve been around for thousands of years in China and India).

Happy sipping,


P.S. You got this and we got you! Feel free to add any comments or questions here below.

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