7800mg Adaptogens  |  0mg Caffeine
Take a deeeeeeep breath with Calm. With a generous 7800 mgs of adaptogens per serving, our replenishing chill tonic floods your system with ease & groundedness. Best enjoyed from afternoon to pre-bedtime, Calm’s clinical dose of the powerhouse herb Ashwagandha is balanced with Blue Lotus, Reishi, and Blue Vervain for deep relaxation. Indulge in the creamy notes of date & vanilla, afternoon or evening, with a roasty drink that will nourish and replenish your body.
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Roasted date seed*, roasted chicory*, fig*, roasted burdock*, roasted cacao*, jujube fruit extract, shatavari*, cured rehmannia extract, codonopsis*, he shou wu*, vanilla bean*, ashwagandha extract (sensoril)*, ceylon cinnamon*, blue lotus petals, blue vervain extract, reishi fruiting body extract*‡, <1% maltodextrin

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **
**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA
‡ Hot water/alcohol dual extract

Notice: Not intended for use during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are breastfeeding, taking medications including thyroid medications, or have a medical condition.

We’re in the process of updating a few of our ingredients to deliver an even better product with better bioavailability and herbal potency for your sweet body. We’re doing our best to reflect the currently-shipping-version of the product here on this page. That said, fulfillment is not an exact science, so to follow along, we’ve created this handy tracker that details everything that is being updated and our best estimate of when those products will be shipping. Questions? Hit us up at

Adaptogenic herbs have a cumulative effect: take them daily, over time, & they can actually change your life. But they're not a quick fix. Like so many good things, the life-changing magic of these herbs takes time, young grasshopper.

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Your decadent afternoon or pre-bedtime blend.

It‘s chill time. But now, you can set aside the wine or afternoon coffee. Calm helps you feel embodied and deeply relaxed. With creamy notes of date & vanilla, this rich, roasty afternoon or evening drink will nourish and replenish your body.

We’ve woven the best of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism to bring you a formula that feeds and fortifies your spirit. Calm floods your system with Blue Vervain, grounding you into your body; a clinical dose of the powerhouse adaptogen, Ashwagandha; ”the spirit plant“ Reishi; and Blue Lotus, sacred to the Ancient Egyptians for its mildly euphoric effects & entryway into deep dreaming.😴

Try drinking Calm

  1. place of your after-work cocktail to soothe your nerves and transition into a nourishing evening.
  2. an after-dinner drink to quell sweet cravings and begin a peaceful nighttime ritual.
  3. ...for a gentle nudge at the end of the day that reminds you “I am enough”.
  4. ...before bed as a nightcap that truly sets your nervous system on track for a restful night of sleep.

You’ve got this. And we’ve got you.

Notice: Not intended for use during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are breastfeeding, taking medications including thyroid medications, or have a medical condition.

Pouring Rasa from a French press

How To Brew

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 384 reviews
Loraine T. (California, United States)
Impressive wellness blend, also my favorite

Calm is a great blend to have in everyone's cupboard, and my personal favorite of the Rasa blends I've bought (Golden Chai, Original, Rose cacao, Bold, Elderberry immunity) in terms of flavor and physical positive response. The latter is an intangible, I know. I just enjoy a cup either early in the day and an hour before bed.

Jasmine J. (New York, United States)
Love calm

I love it and enjoy it every morning

Ellie Z. (Wisconsin, United States)
delicious & Soothing

Wonderful. Rasa calm is my favorite. Rich vanilla herbal goodness! Cozy in a cup💖

Tamera S. (Georgia, United States)
Tasty and Calming

I love the hint of cacao and vanilla notes. The aroma and flavors are calming to my system, helping to ease me into a more relaxed state.

Emily Q. (Indiana, United States)
Noticeably Restorative

I liked the original Rasa, but I LOVE Calm. When I reach for Rasa, it's because I want to give my nervous system some love, and this is perfect for that. Beyond being caffeine-free, it feels noticeably restorative to my body, plus tastes amazing. I use a frother to blend in almond butter and a little maple syrup. Nourishing, decadent, yum. :)

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