Travel Brew Bottle
Travel Brew Bottle

Travel Brew Bottle

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Rasa to-go anyone? 

This ah-mazing to-go infuser keeps your drink hot AND cold. Making it a practical addition to any household. 

Simply sprinkle your Rasa into the mesh basket, add hot water, and by the time you're ready to head out the door (aka twelve-ish minutes later) your brew will be steeped and ready for you.  

The artful, sleek design is extra long with a solid grip. AND it’s leak-proof. So you won’t lose a drop of your tasty bevvie OR make a mess. Hooray!!

BPA- free, food-grade safe
450 ml/ 15.2 fl. Oz

Hand wash only!

Pouring Rasa from a French press

How To Brew

Stress-Free-30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Trudy H.H. (Ohio, United States)
Never go without if you don't have to.

I have been surprised how much I use this for mot just my Rasa but for my tea's as well. It is GREAT for making Rasa at the office, when the French Press isn't convenient! My daughter has asked for one after using my mine at work one day.

Julie B. (Virginia, United States)


Crystal B. (Minnesota, United States)
Nothing compares to Rasa!

I found that I am too sensitive to caffeine and was looking for a tasty alternative. Rasa is so delicious and now I crave it instead of coffee. I love knowing I'm treating my body well while enjoying my morning cup of hot beverage. I especially love how the Dirty has a little kick of caffeine when I really need it, but I don't get the jitters like I would with coffee. Once you get into the routine of making Rasa, the process becomes a meditative ritual. I highly recommend!

KaySandra (Washington, United States)
Simply The Best!!!!!

I've tried almost every Rasa blend and they are all Aaahmazing!! Seriously so wonderful to enjoy every morning. Coffee was way to acidic for my system along with the fact that is addicting… no thanks! I wish everyone would try Rasa because it just makes you feel so beautiful inside & out because your giving your body a great big hug/mug of Love every morning :~>

Tami G. (Minnesota, United States)

I had high hopes that this would be an easy way to drink Rasa at work, but instead I'm now looking for a better option — one that actually keeps it hot and isn't as messy. I've been testing it to see how fast I would have to drink it after it's in the bottle, but even after two hours it's room temperature while the rest of my insulated drink bottles/cups keep my drinks hot at least 8 hours. Since the bottle feels hot on the outside when I fill it with hot water I am not surprised that it is not actually well insulated. I've also had the filter cover come off so that the rasa can not be properly strained, and even when that doesn't happen, much of the actual ground rasa escapes so that it is not well strained. I suspect that most tea or cold brew coffee options would work better.

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