Rasa Meta Feed https://wearerasa.com Contact Lenny for information on modifying this collection 39982868365386 39982868365386 Cacao 8oz Did someone say healthy haute chocolate? This bestseller combines our signature 12-herb blend with direct-trade (better than fair-trade!) criollo cacao grown in the black soil of the Vilcabamba rainforest valley of Ecuador. With 1550 mg adaptogens, 175 mg theobromine, and only 5 mg cacao-derived caffeine, this chocolatey brew can be enjoyed morning and afternoon. https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_IGShop_R3_Cacao_1200x.jpg?v=1661358422 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_CA_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661823194 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_CA_3_1200x.jpg?v=1661823194 39982874853450 39982874853450 Original 8oz A classic and a keeper. Rasa’s signature rich and roasty blend supports you with calm, nourishing energy. With 3100 mg adaptogens per serving and zero caffeine, this 12-herb blend is a little nutty, slightly sweet and most importantly; it takes the edge off of stress, so you can truly be at your best. https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_IGShop_OG_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661819598 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_IGShop_OG_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661819605 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_IGShop_OG_3_1200x.jpg?v=1661819605 39982893137994 39982893137994 Bold 8oz Conquer the day with Bold. With 9700 mg adaptogens per serving, our premier blend powers you to kick-a** all day long. Bold is deeply nourishing for your cognition andamp; flow-states—so whether you’re raising up littles or leading a team of pros (or both at the same time... bless you), Bold helps you reclaim a stressless, sustainable energy boost. https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_BL_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661822994 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_BL_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661822994 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_BL_3_1200x.jpg?v=1661822993 39982885339210 39982885339210 Dirty 8oz Coffee + Adaptogens = the best of both worlds. Our signature 12-herb blend is paired with fair-trade coffee (sourced only from women-owned farms!) for a balanced energy without coffee’s usual side effects (thanks to 1550 mg of adaptogens). Each 8-ounce cup has 35 mg caffeine, or roughly ¼ a regular cup of coffee. With a touch of earthy notes, enjoy this balanced, sweet and chocolatey goodness —without the crash! https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_DR_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661823075 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_DR_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661823074 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_DR_3_1200x.jpg?v=1661823074 39387809415242 39387809415242 Rasa Ritual Sample Pack The best place to start, you might ask? It’s right here! Everything you love about our classic flavors, with a dash of luxury. Now you can taste, sample and delight in it all. Did we mention our Luxe flavors have over 9000mg of clinically-formulated adaptogenic goodness? That’s more than any other coffee alternative on the market! Happy sipping. https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_Sample_Pack_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661822895 39658100293706 39658100293706 Magnificent Mushrooms It’s a mushroom (powder) party, and you’re invited. Our highly potent, organic mushroom extract powder features Turkey Tail, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Tremella, and Poria; super-powered mushrooms for a daily dose of performance and immune support. 100% fruiting bodies, never any fillers, extracted, always organic, meticulously formulated for functionality and taste. Oh, and did we mention it’s the most potent on the market? #humblebrag #notthathumbletho #25%betaglucans https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_MM_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661823125 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_MM_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661823124 39982769471562 39982769471562 Crème de la Creamer Hello, velvety, frothy and versatile flavor. Rasa presents the premium creamer to end all creamers! With 400 mg of adaptogens per tbsp, Crème de la Creamer is Rasa’s power-powder of synergistic herbal formulations. Resplendent with snow mushroom, American ginseng, and Amla extract, Crème de la Creamer makes a hydrating and replenishing complement to your favorite Rasa brew. https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_CC_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661823320 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_CC_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661823320 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_CC_3_1200x.jpg?v=1661823320 39401710911562 39401710911562 Golden Chai 8oz Our deliciously warming, distinctly soothing recovery tonic is here to stay 🥳 Get ready to make your recovery golden. Golden Chai is packed with over 1400mg of adaptogenic wellbeing and delight for all the ways you move through life. Supremely bioavailable turmeric extract hums harmony in the background as a symphony of chai spices and vanilla soothe and invigorate both your tongue and your (perhaps world-weary) soul. 🤗🧡 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_GL_1_1200x.jpg?v=1661823260 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_Shop_GL_2_1200x.jpg?v=1661823261 39982897463370 39982897463370 Elderberry Protect Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative 8oz Time for a boost! Elderberry Protect is a cardamommy, gingery Immune Tonic that delivers withandnbsp;10,000 mg of immune powerhouse herbs andamp; 1,800 mg adaptogens per cup. Helps build andamp; maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system; and stimulate lymphatic andamp; circulatory flow. Delicious, slightly sweet flavor (no sugar!), speckled with calendula flowers 🍇 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/Rasa_IGShop_updates_EBP_2093c046-9878-4cc4-b98c-61b124f06d29_1200x.jpg?v=1693070787 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/NutritionFacts_EB_1200x.png?v=1693248181 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/EBP_PDP-06_1200x.jpg?v=1693070665 40153031573578 40153031573578 The Rasa French Press (4 cups/1L) https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/RasaPress-HomeSQ_1200x.jpg?v=1669362468 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/BrandedPresses-Banner_1200x.jpg?v=1669361037 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/PressStrip_1200x.jpg?v=1669248690 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/RasaPressesCollage_1200x.jpg?v=1669248142 40153031606346 40153031606346 The Rasa French Press (1.5 cups/350mL) https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/RasaPress-HomeSQ_1200x.jpg?v=1669362468 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/BrandedPresses-Banner_1200x.jpg?v=1669361037 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/PressStrip_1200x.jpg?v=1669248690 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/RasaPressesCollage_1200x.jpg?v=1669248142 40197878218826 40197878218826 https://wearerasa.com/cdn/shop/files/CafePacketPour-1x1_1200x.jpg?v=1687541515