GMO free
3rd-party lab tested
GMO free
3rd-party lab tested
The Rasa Ready Collection
$28.80 for each 24 serving bag. Only $1.20 per serving.
  • Pick from a variety of flavors from matcha to chocolate
  • 4,000 mg adaptogens per serving
  • Five adaptogen and mushroom extracts chosen for potency and balance
  • Delivers calm, sustained energy without the crash
  • Drink in the morning or afternoon for a smooth pick-me-up
  • Great for people who want a morning wake-up-call without a boatload of caffeine
  • Sleep easy with the help of adaptogens

FREE Shipping on orders over $50


FREE Shipping on orders over $50

Matcha Cloud

Intelligent energy. Inspire your mind.

  • Tastes bright & rich with a subtle coconut sweetness
  • Great for matcha lovers
  • Ready instantly, just add water
  • 4000mg adaptogens & mushrooms
  • 50mg caffeine

Classic Herbal Roast

Nourished energy. Uplifted focus for your whole day.

  • Tastes smooth, complex & robust
  • Great for people avoiding caffeine
  • Ready instantly
  • 4000mg adaptogens & mushrooms
  • 0mg caffeine

Radiant Roast Coffee

Coffee with benefits. Steady energy, all day long.

  • Tastes like a balanced medium roast
  • Great for coffee lovers who still want to sleep at night
  • Ready instantly
  • 4000mg adaptogens & mushrooms
  • 70mg caffeine

Cacao Noir

Feed your heart. You deserve your happiness.

  • Tastes complex & luscious
  • Great for chocolate lovers
  • Ready instantly just add water
  • 4000mg adaptogens & mushrooms
  • <5mg caffeine

A foundation of adaptogens & mushrooms.

Plants are magic

Better energy during the day, better sleep at night. And less stress throughout!


Traditional adaptogen for enhancing endurance, energy, and immune health.

Cordyceps fruiting body

Adaptogenic mushroom to boost energy and athletic performance.

Lion’s mane fruiting body

The brain mushroom and nootropic for healthy cognition, mood, and focus.


A nootropic herb which is used for boosting mental clarity, focus, and mood.


An adaptogen best known for it’s use among athletes and as an immune-booster.

The benefits go on and on (and on).

All-day energy

Mental focus

Enhanced endurance

Immune boosting

Fortified stress response

Digestive support

Trusted by health experts.

Lisa Ganora, Founder, Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism

Hillary Talbott Roland, DOM, FABORM

Kim Nearpass, ND

Questions people like you are asking.

  • Matcha Cloud = 50 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Classic Herbal Roast = 0 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Radiant Roast Coffee = 70 mg of caffeine per serving
  • Cacao Noir = <5 mg of caffeine per serving (which comes from the cacao)

It’s very easy! You just add water (hot or cold), give it a stir, and you have your delicious Rasa drink, ready to go with you to wherever or whatever you are doing!

These drinks are not intended for use during pregnancy or nursing. Consult your healthcare provider if you are taking medications or have a medical condition.

Cacao Noir and Matcha Cloud have minimal amounts of organic Indonesian coconut sugar (< 2g) to accentuate the flavor of these blends without being overpowering. It’s naturally harvested from the nectar of coconut palm blossoms and has a lower glycemic index and higher amounts of trace minerals than conventional sugar.

Our customers say a lot about Rasa.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Zhenya (Maryland, United States)
Quite earthy

I love how easy it is and how nourishing. It does seem quite mushroomy to me which I wasn’t expecting after tasting the original loose herb formula. Once I accepted the mushroom tones and added cinnamon I was able to appreciate and enjoy.

Micah K. (Wisconsin, United States)
Pick me up and Calm me down

Classic Rasa is something I look forward to. When I'm in-between clients and needing to do notes - it all becomes more exciting and do-able with my classic rasa. When I'm wanting a warm thing but not tea and not warm milk - rasa is there for me. When i'm camping and want to maintain calm and yet alert (resisting caffeine with all the setting up camp and taking it down while on the road), rasa is dependable! I get to slow down and become in tune (which, oddly, is motivating in getting the hum drum done!). Classic Rasa supports me like no other :)

Paula K. (California, United States)
I love Classic Herbal Roast

I replaced Classic Rasa with Classic Herbal Roast and I love it more than Classic Rasa! It has more flavor and with a splash of maple syrup it is my morning go to!

Louie R. (Louisiana, United States)
A great coffee alternative

I use this with the Magnificent Mushroom, a little bit of milk, and a bit of organic maple syrup. Yum!
I was a full blown coffee addict and this has me happily caffine free, which were words I used to shudder at just week so ago.

Amy K. (North Carolina, United States)
Boost of energy

Love the energy without the caffeine effects!