Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual
Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual
Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual
Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual
Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual

Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual

10,100mg Adaptogens  |  0mg Caffeine
Brandon Jenner’s Rasa Ritual starts with a french press of Bold every morning. With 9700 mg adaptogens per serving, our premier blend powers you to kick-a** all day long. Bold is deeply nourishing for your cognition & flow-states—so whether you’re raising littles or leading a team of pros (or both at the same time...bless you), Bold helps you reclaim a stressless, sustainable energy boost. Plus, this bundle includes three 1oz samples of Crème de la Creamer, our extra frothy functional creamer, a frother to froth said creamer, and the Rasa Spoon Bag Clip for a perfect scoop of Rasa every time.

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Bold - Complete Ingredients
Roasted burdock*, chicory*, & dandelion roots*; cacao*, shatavari*, codonopsis, eleuthero*, he shou wu*, eleuthero extract*, rhodiola extract*, Ceylon cinnamon*, cordyceps extract*, lions mane extract*, schisandra extract*, gynostemma extract*, shilajit extract*, chaga*, <1% cassava dextrin as a necessary processing agent so the extracts don't get all clumpy 

Crème de la Creamer - Complete Ingredients
Oat Milk Powder*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Mct Oil Powder*, Coconut Oil, Tremella Mushroom Extract*, Acacia Fiber*, Tapioca Maltodextrin*, American Ginseng Extract, L-Thenanine, Amla Extract

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **
**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA

What’s the Deal with Rasa Bold

We set out to create a caffeine rush, without caffeine.

What we ended up with has redefined how we relate to energy.

We referenced dozens of adaptogen studies to create a powerful formula based on scientifically-backed dosages for 9 different adaptogens. To give our rich and roasted Rasa base that extra kick, we chose full-spectrum extracts. Unlike standardized extracts or isolates, full-spectrum extracts give the desired increase in potency while preserving the herbs’ natural ratio of compounds. This ensures that the safety and efficacy demonstrated for thousands of years of traditional practice still apply.

Crème de la Creamer, what’s that?

Rasa presents the premium creamer to end all creamers! With 400 mg of adaptogens per tbsp, Crème de la Creamer is Rasa’s power-powder of synergistic herbal formulations for beauty, cognition, and… frothy goodness. Resplendent with snow mushroom, American ginseng, and Amla extract, Crème de la Creamer makes a hydrating & replenishing complement to your favorite Rasa brew.

Brandon’s Bold Rasa Ritual bundle Includes:

🌿 One 8oz bag of Rasa Bold
🌿 Three 1oz packets of Crème de la Creamer, our extra frothy functional creamer
🌿 A frother because…froth matters
🌿 The Rasa Spoon Bag Clip for the perfect scoop of Rasa (or creamer) every time

Pouring Rasa from a French press

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