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Intimate Pleasure Oil

Intimate Pleasure Oil

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Designed to support the healthful function of your genitals' intimate biochemistry, Curious' formulation acknowledges the crucial relationship between cellular health and a balanced microbiome.

This is accomplished using exclusively natural oils and botanical extracts, and there is quite simply no silkier, lighter, more natural skincare available. 

Curious™ Intimate Massage & Pleasure promotes a balanced pH, which plays a vital role in overall vaginal health. When vaginal pH increases, odor-causing microorganisms and infections can flourish. Studies show that vaginal issues are more likely to occur when vaginal pH is unbalanced. Unfortunately, most mainstream lubricants, personal moisturizers, and sexual massage products are laden with cheap and toxic ingredients that not only fail to meet the needs of vaginas, but are actively harmful.

Unlike conventional lubricants, which can cause pH imbalance and infections, Intimate Massage & Pleasure contains nutrients that assist your body in achieving a naturally balanced pH, which is one of your body’s most useful tools for fighting infection and maintaining natural lubrication and tissue health. This is particularly important for those who are susceptible to urinary tract infections or bacteria vaginosis post romp. Semen alone can also cause an imbalance in vaginal pH and exposure increases the likelihood of infection, making this an excellent preventative wellness choice as a playtime enhancing product.

Intimate Massage & Pleasure boasts uncompromised therapeutic value and premium performance as a silky, unobtrusive, natural-feeling moisture, for intimate play or for intimate moisture. It’s edible- of course!- but without fragrance/ flavor to interfere or announce itself. The best product is one that allows you to forget it’s there.

Curious Intimate Massage & Pleasureis the only intimate skincare available that includes an array of potent medicinal plants that rejuvenate, nourish, and protect intimate tissues while increasing pleasure, in a formula that deeply contemplates the science of a woman’s physiology in tandem with respect for a woman’s sexual needs.

Ingredients: Coconut fruit oil extract, therapeutic grade; *Pomegranate oil; *Jojoba oil; *Elderberry extract; *Green Tea extract; *Gotu Kola extract; *Damiana extract; Olive squalane; *Shiitake extract phospholipids; *Chamomile extract phospholipids; Pomegranate sterols. *Denotes USDA Organic

All ingredients are GMO free; and free of irradiation, ethoxylation, sulphonation, and chemical extraction. Curious uses certified organic ingredients when they exist; when not, Curious uses certified therapeutic grade materials. Vegan. Gluten-free. Not tested on animals. 100% plant sourced. All ingredients are natural and naturally processed.

Spray directly, or into palm of hand and apply with fingertips, as desired. One or two pumps is just right for intimate moisture. For sex, the same amount is enough to begin- and research shows that many women just need to feel some wetness to remind their bodies to begin self-lubricating. Sometimes a long session requires some added juice to keep going. Three or four pumps of the sprayer is good for playtime, alone or with a friend. *Not for use with latex condoms.

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