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Milk Frother

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Battery-powered stainless steel milk frother for extra frothy lattes.

Whips up thick and creamy foam in no time. Simply add a couple ounces of cold or warm milk to your cup, insert the head of the frother, and flick the switch. Hello, delicious frothy latte!

  • High-efficiency motor does a great job of preparing the frothed milk and the battery lasts months and months, even with regular use. (Batteries not included)
  • Milk frothing head is made entirely from high grade 18-8 stainless steel. This means it will never rust or impart a metallic flavor into your drink. To clean the frothing head, simply rinse it under hot water and use a soft sponge with a bit of detergent.

    Due to fluctuations in our supply chain currently beyond our control, you may receive a frother with a red grip rather than a black grip.

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