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Mother's Day Bundle


Calm Your Mom! (Because she deserves some R & R.)

There’s no two ways about it: mothering can be one of the most stressful gigs out there! Whether you didn’t respond to her last text (whoops!), or need to remind her that she’s the best (and you love her), we’ve bundled up two packages loaded with rich, creamy goodness that’ll make any mama—from the sleep deprived to the multi-tasking ninjas—feel like the queen she truly is.

Deluxe Calm Retreat 
8oz Calm Restorative Chill Tonic
Lavender Eye Pillow
Calm Lavender Bath Salts
Eco Bamboo French Press
Turbo Milk Frother

Calm Vibes In
1oz Calm Restorative Chill Tonic x2!
1oz Fluff Stuff Creamer
Lavender Eye Pillow
Bath Salts

Opt for a chill spa day in or a calming weekend retreat, either way, your mum will have everything she needs to take a break for some well-deserved R&R.

*Our Mother's Day bundles already reflect a discount and so cannot be combined with any discount codes. 

What's Inside:

CALM Restorative Chill Tonic - 0 mg caffeine: Our lavish, decadent, after-dinner or pre-bedtime blend that makes you feel embodied & deeply relaxed. Creamy date & vanilla wash over your tongue atop a rich, roasty Rasa flavor. Grounding herbs of Blue Vervain and Reishi land you in your inner garden of stillness – your untapped potential for rest and nourishment.

The Fluff Stuff Cream Powder: Organic, vegan and sustainably sourced, this dreamy coconut cream powder is the perfect match to your fave cup du jour. You can also add it to drinks, smoothies, oatmeal, and baked goods, but most likely you’ll enjoy it by the spoonful. No judgement here!

Lavender Eye Pillow: Filled with natural flax seeds and lavender buds, this handmade taupe pillow is 100% linen & cotton thread. Just a few minutes resting on your eyelids will do wonders for a little at-home spa therapy. 💜

Calm Lavender Bath Salts: One whiff of this soothing bath salt and you'll be transported to your happy place! The mixture combines soothing lavender essential oils with four different types of salt, including Dead Sea Salts & Epsom salts, to rid toxins, relax muscles, and encourage blood circulation.

Turbo Milk Frother: Whips up thick and creamy foam in no time. Simply add a couple ounces of cold or warm milk to your cup, insert the head of the frother, and flick the switch. Hello, delicious frothy latte. ☕

French Press: This eco-friendly French press is the perfect addition to your kitchen and morning routine. It’s made of heatproof glass and gorgeous renewable bamboo with a removable base for easy cleaning. Brews 2-3 cups of Rasa!

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