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OJAS: Everyday Ayurveda


In 99 mostly-easy-to-make recipes by celebrated Delhi chef Nira Kehar translates ancient Ayurvedic principles into everyday dishes to heal and energize from within.

Cookbooks are supposed to be beautiful, but this one is totally on another level. You feel like you picked up something between an art magazine, a fashion editorial, and a sacred ancient text when you thumb through Ojas.

Learn how eating seasonally while satisfying your body’s taste cravings will nourish ojas―your vital life essence.

Start applying Ayurvedic wisdom to everyday food choices: eat for your individual physical constitution or dosha, incorporate spices into everything from snacks and main dishes to desserts and drinks, make a perfect wholesome bowl at any season, and so much more.

And feel like a gorgeous rockstar while you do it, just cuz this book is so darn purdy.

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