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Most Beautiful Moka Pot

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We searched long & hard for a Moka pot that would be worthy of Rasa, and this. is. it!!

A Moka Pot with Purpose: For every GROSCHE product we sell, GROSCHE funds 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need around the world. 💧🌍😊  

Things to know:

  • Moka pots make amazing, fast, fully-extracted Rasa! They use pressure to pull the liquid up through the chamber, and that pressure makes all the difference in brewing time. Think of it like a pressure cooker—you can cook beans way faster in those babies, right?
  • Makes 1 mug of Rasa—or, use 2 tbsp and make 2 lattes (Rasa will be stronger and so won't get too diluted by the extra milk/mylk/whatevs). Size medium works best!
  • Heat-resistant rubber handle that looks like purdy wood but isn't. #magic (you wouldn't want it to be wood anyway, cuz it would burrrrn your purdy hand!)
  • Lead-free, food grade anodized aluminum body

A quick sizing guide… 

Moka pots are a tad different than traditional cup sizes. They are 100 years old after all! Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Small - our most petite brewer (150ml or 5 fl. oz.)
Medium - makes a smidge more than a latte (275 ml or 9.3 fl. oz.)
Large - let’s be honest, how much you’ll actually end up drinking (450 ml or 15.2 fl. oz.)

Not sure how to use a Moka pot? We gotchu.


  • Use on induction stoves (all other stoves are fine!)
  • Put in a dishwasher, it will tarnish and look ugly and we know you don't want that!

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