Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot
Most Beautiful Moka Pot

Most Beautiful Moka Pot


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We searched long & hard for a Moka pot that would be worthy of Rasa, and this. is. it!!

A Moka Pot with Purpose: For every GROSCHE product we sell, GROSCHE funds 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need around the world. 💧🌍😊  

Things to know:

  • Moka pots make amazing, fast, fully-extracted Rasa! They use pressure to pull the liquid up through the chamber, and that pressure makes all the difference in brewing time. Think of it like a pressure cooker—you can cook beans way faster in those babies, right?
  • Makes 1 mug of Rasa—or, use 2 tbsp and make 2 lattes (Rasa will be stronger and so won't get too diluted by the extra milk/mylk/whatevs). Size medium works best!
  • Heat-resistant rubber handle that looks like purdy wood but isn't. #magic (you wouldn't want it to be wood anyway, cuz it would burrrrn your purdy hand!)
  • Lead-free, food grade anodized aluminum body

A quick sizing guide… 

Moka pots are a tad different than traditional cup sizes. They are 100 years old after all! Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Small - our most petite brewer (150ml or 5 fl. oz.)
Medium - makes a smidge more than a latte (275 ml or 9.3 fl. oz.)
Large - let’s be honest, how much you’ll actually end up drinking (450 ml or 15.2 fl. oz.)

Not sure how to use a Moka pot? We gotchu.


  • Use on induction stoves (all other stoves are fine!)
  • Put in a dishwasher, it will tarnish and look ugly and we know you don't want that!
Pouring Rasa from a French press

How To Brew

Stress-Free-30-Day-Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michelle W. (Washington, United States)
In love!

Throughout my years of drinking coffee I've used a regular drip, keurig, and french press. When I took the leap to leave coffee and try Rasa my french press had recently broken. Knowing I would need something new I was intrigued by the Moka Pot. I took a chance on it and am so glad I did. It is by far my favorite method of brewing I've ever had.

Lisa H. (Michigan, United States)
Best thing ever

I use this every day. I currently have in the house Magnificent mushrooms and Cacao. It's the easiest way to make a hot drink throughout the day when you live in the Midwest and its cold outside.

East (California, United States)
Filter funnel not anodized

The pot works well, but the filter funnel is straight aluminum, which is not what the description says. I bought this pot to replace a moka pot with straight aluminum, so I now have 2 gross, unsafe moka pots to get rid of.

Evelyn B. (Texas, United States)
Love this Pot!

Not only is this pot beautiful, it really works! I can make a pot of Rasa in about 5 minutes and the flavor and consistency is absolutely divine. To be honest I got the medium pot and I should have bought the larger one. Who am I kidding, I am totally going to get the larger one! This pot is great!! =)
Thank you Rasa for introducing me to this pot.

Ericka P. (New Hampshire, United States)
I want to love it!

It arrived looking like a return- complete with grinds in the bottom of the moka pot. Returns happen, so I let that slide. But I have the same problem as another reviewer. I carefully screw it on tightly and it leaks all over when I pour. It also has stains all over the bottom already! and the handle has a scratch/tear already from very careful use. Disappointing.

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