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Holiday Stress Survival Pack

Choose calm this holiday season. Our Holiday Stress Survival Pack features the coffee alternative blends you need to get through the holidays, including Joy Tonic, for those long grey winter days, Wellderberry Immune Tonic to bolster your immune system, and more! 4 servings of each product, all formulated sustainably by our clinical herbalist. Happy sipping. 😌
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1 oz CACAO - 5 mg caffeine
Full Ingredient List: Fair-trade Ecuadorian criollo cacao*; roasted chicory*, burdock*, & dandelion roots*; eleuthero*, shatavari*, he shou wu*, codonopsis*, chaga mycelium*, ashwagandha*, rhodiola*, Ceylon cinnamon*, reishi extract*

1 oz DIRTY - 35 mg caffeine
Full Ingredient List: Fair-trade, women-picked coffee; roasted chicory*, burdock*, & dandelion roots*; eleuthero*, shatavari*, he shou wu*, codonopsis*, chaga mycelium*, ashwagandha*, rhodiola*, Ceylon cinnamon*, reishi extract*

1 oz ELDERBERRY - 0 mg caffeine
Full Ingredient List: Roasted chicory root*, burdock root*, shatavari root*, roasted dandelion root*, he shou wu root (cured)*, codonopsis root*, ginger rhizome*, eleuthero root*, astragalus root, cinnamon bark*, cardamom seed*, ashwagandha root*, rhodiola root*, chaga mycelium*, reishi fruiting body extract*, calendula petals*, <1% maltodextrin 

1 oz SPICY ROSE CACAO - 0 mg caffeine 
Full Ingredient List: Cacao*, roasted burdock*, chicory*, & dandelion roots*; ginger*, shatavari*, maca 10:1 extract*, rose petals*, codonopsis*, he shou wu*, hawthorn*, rose powder*, schisandra 4:1 extract*, eleuthero*, ginger*, ashwagandha*, rhodiola*, & cayenne*, >1% malto & cassava dextrin

1 oz SUPER HAPPY SUNSHINE - 0 mg caffeine 
Full Ingredient List: Cacao*, chicory*, burdock*, lemon myrtle*, fig*, shatavari*, grains of paradise, dandelion*, he shou wu*, codonopsis*, lemon balm 10:1 extract, mucuna 10:1 extract (40% L-dopa), cinnamon*, eleuthero*, rhodiola 4:1 extract*, helichrysum*, sceletium tortuosum extract (Zembrin®), <1% malto and cassava dextrin 
Notice: Do not use this product if you are taking antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications, including SSRIs. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Not recommended for hypothyroid patients. Consult your healthcare provider if you have a medical condition.

1oz GOLDEN CHAI - 0 mg caffeine
Full Ingredient List: Chicory*, Burdock*, Saigon Cinnamon*, Roasted Date Seed, Shatavari*, Codonopsis*, Ginger*, Dandelion*, Eleuthero*, Turmeric Extract (BCM-95®), Cardamom*, Vanilla*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*, Boswellia Extract (AquaLOX®), <1% maltodextrin & gum acacia

3oz CRÉME DE LA CREAMER - 0 mg caffeine
Full Ingredient List: Oat Milk Powder*, Coconut Milk Powder*, Mct Oil Powder*, Coconut Oil, Tremella Mushroom Extract*, Acacia Fiber*, Tapioca Maltodextrin*, American Ginseng Extract, L-Thenanine, Amla Extract

*All certified organic, non-GMO, obsessively sustainable, ✨🌿 & blessed by grassfed unicorns 🦄 **
**Unicorns have not been approved by the FDA

Drink less coffee and more cups of calm this holiday season.

We’re not going to be the jerks that remind you how stressful the holiday season can be (oh wait...), but we are here to help. Swap that cup of jitter-inducing coffee for a cup of calm—your body will thank you. Our Holiday Survival Pack features all the blends you’ll need to get you through another week-long stay at the in-laws (or a long night of gift shopping, or Aunt Sally’s intense questioning over the turkey).

Enjoy each blend solo or tap into your inner alchemist and mix them together for a custom treat!

  1. Dirty to serve you up coffee without the crashes.
  2. Cacao to treat yo'self with a mood-booster that tastes like healthy hot chocolate.
  3. Elderberry Boost to support immune health, with a lively ginger-cardamom taste.
  4. Spicy Rose Cacao to turn up the pleasurable, sensual qualities of life + just enough kick of cayenne & ginger.
  5. Super Happy Sunshine to chase away cloudy moods with lemony sunshine in a cup.
  6. Golden Chai for when you want something with a little bit spice (that is also, well, nice).
  7. Créme de la Creamer for a hydrating, replenishing, frothy pairing with any Rasa.

The Holiday Stress Survival Pack Includes:

🌿  24 delicious servings of adaptogen-packed Rasa and 12 servings of our delectable Créme de la Creamer

🌿  Delivered in (9) 1 oz packets

🌿  Each packet makes (4) 8-oz cups of Rasa, so you can see which Rasa(s) you like best! (and the creamer makes 4 8-oz cups of Rasa creamy, obvs, because that's what creamer does.)

Your Boo or Bestie Need a Lift?

We can’t think of a better way to say “Hey, you’re my favorite human and I love you” than with a tasty adaptogenic herbal bundle that tastes and feels as nourishing as your friendship. That’s cheesy but so are we.

* Please note: This product cannot be returned or exchanged. Sampler Pack contents may vary subject to product availability. They all taste different, please try them all to find your favorites!

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Kim M.
United States United States

In love

I love all things Rasa! Truly a full body experience

Kim M.
United States United States


I really wanted to try the new adaptogen creamer and I love it! And then to get some new flavors to share with friends and co-workers was perfect timing!

Julie A.
United States United States

Great buy

Really enjoyed sampling them all

Samantha M.
United States United States

So delicious!

Absolutely loved this pack and can't wait to try the rest! :) I'll be a lifelong customer for sure!

Angel M.
United States United States

A Cup of Comfort

I have yet to try a Rasa product I didn't like. I do wish the creamer dissolved better though.