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A morning cup that loves you back. If you’re looking to scale back on coffee and find the perfect morning beverage that supports your wellbeing and stress levels, you’re in the right spot. Rasa’s signature coffee alternative blends support you with calm, nourishing energy without the crash (thanks, adaptogenic herbs!). Try four servings of two of our most beloved blends—Original for rich and roasty vibes, and Dirty which combines Original and Fair Trade coffee for when you need a balanced coffee experience—to find your favorite.
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“This is giving me energy support and at the same time making my body better at dealing with stress, and energy depletions so it’s a win-win.”

Rachelle Robinett for Well + Good

"...maintains the ritualistic quality of coffee...Rasa energized me and I felt noticeably more carefree for hours after drinking it, which is a far cry from the shakes I feel after too much coffee..."

Michelle Polizzi for Daily Beast

“My new tea/tonic/coffee alternative obsession!!!”

Kristin Bauer from True Blood

A Ritual You Can Feel Great About

Optimum Bioavailability for Maximum Benefits

We use only full-spectrum herb extracts; and only fruiting body & dual extracted mushrooms.

Socially Responsible Public Benefit Corporation

We strive to be in integrity with the places, people, & cultures that make it possible to share these herbs with you. We cultivate close relationships with our suppliers & buy fair trade or direct trade. Impact matters, & it’s core to everything we do.

Sustainably, Globally-Sourced. USA-Made.

50 herbs. 15 countries. An obsessive focus on long-term ecosystem sustainability. Enough said.

3rd Party Lab Tested

We use a wide range of strategic testing for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, allergens, & microbial contaminants. Check out our internal Quality Control page for details.

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A “Cup of Cope” In Just Ten Minutes
Brewing your Rasa is a nourishing daily ritual:
1. Brew: Add 1.5 Tbsp Rasa to your new little French press. Do 10 minutes of self-care while your herbs brew to perfection.
2. Finesse: Add your favorite creamer (recommended: Créme de la Creamer), or get fancy and add whatever your heart desires—maple + ginger; honey + vanilla; date + cayenne…the Rasa is your canvas!
3. Froth: Like it frothy? Use a hand frother, or blend, baby blend. Pour into your favorite mug. Sip. Ahhhh.