Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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Are you ready to wean off caffeine?

Beat the jitters and make fatigue a thing of the past by discovering your body’s unique energy blueprint.

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Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much energy do you have throughout your day?


I feel like a rockstar and am buzzing with energy all damn day.


I have plenty of energy, but it’s probably due to all the coffee I’m drinking.


I’m a rollercoaster, baby. My energy is all over the place!


Energy? I have 27 herbs in my pantry to help me with that...

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How do you feel after drinking coffee? (with caffeine)


I feel calm and energized, like the best version of myself.


That depends, what herbs am I mixing with the coffee?


I feel focused and clear, but sometimes I get a bad case of the jitters.


The coffee with caffeine makes me jittery and anxious.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How would you describe your relationship with being healthy?


I’m a health nut and I am one-upping myself to be as healthy as possible.


I’d like to be healthier, but who has the time? There are so many things.


I devote some time to my health, but I'd like to be doing more.


I enjoy improving my health and I look for new ways to do it.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox

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How much knowledge do you have about adaptogens?




I’m a total #adaptofan and always using them to elevate my health!


I’ve heard of the whole adaptogens thing. I’d love to learn more...


I’m familiar with them but I’d rather be listening to my favorite podcast.

Calm Energy Coffee Detox


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Media Features

Want To Protect Yourself From Toxins? Try An Herb-Infused Latte

“Among others, Rasa sources the beverage from ashwagandha, reishi, chaga and rhodiola, herbs commonly known for their positive effects on immunity, anti-inflammation and mental health. Van der Mersch believes the adaptogenic drink allows people to wear a 'stress suit,' or what she calls a 'nice padding between me and stress.'”

- Allison Yates, OZY

Want To Give Sustainable and Socially Conscious Holiday Gifts? Here's How.

“I love consumable gifts because they don’t lead to clutter, they are very fun, and they are a special treat while often serving a purpose (meaning less waste!). Consumable gifts can be fancy or special food items, beauty products, candles, or more. ... RASA offers a health-supportive herbal coffee blend that comes in compostable packaging.”

- Sara Weinreb, Forbes

#NATIVEweek No. 83 • FN Team’s Fall Equinox Must-Haves

“I've been trying to find more natural alternatives of morning energy instead of the go-to matcha, so I've replaced it with a cup of this adaptogenic herbal coffee replacement. No gluten, caffeine, sugar, or coffee! Perfect remedy to get you going without the disservice to your adrenals.”

- Sierra, for Free & Native


“Another adaptogenic coffee brand I am obsessed with, that was started by a working mama who needed to get her coffee fix but wanted to do so in the healthiest way possible. They have 7 adaptogens & 2 mushrooms, plus 4 other herbs that are great for detox, lymph health, and digestive support.”

- Jordan Younger, The Balanced Blonde

Lopa van der Mersch Founder & CEO of Rasa

“Having integrity really helps me to be productive. If I am proud and fully standing behind all of my decisions in the business, and I am executing in the business in accordance with my values, then I don’t have energy, thought, and money tied up in feeling like I didn’t quite do the right thing. Having a strong compass of values helps me to make decisions faster and choose *which* decisions to make more quickly, as well.”

- Lopa van der Mersch, founder of Rasa


Woke & Wired

A conversation between Lopa and Ksenia Advulova that will take you to new dimensions in understanding business as a spiritual practice, and social media as a tool for expansion. Learn about Lopa’s story (from living in a jungle in Costa Rica to speaking at TEDx) and the importance of doing business from a place of truth and integrity.

Medium Well Podcast

This episode of Medium Well is as informative as it is entertaining! Today I interview Lopa Van der Mersch, Founder & CEO of Rasa, an herbal coffee company. Lopa has such an interesting and unique story which we dive into, as well as her approach to wellness, why she started her adaptogen-based herbal coffee brand, the challenges of sustainability in business, and more.

Reclaim Your Health

Listen in for the lowdown on how adaptogens calm your nervous system and help you better handle stress. Lopa shares the story behind developing Rasa’s formula as a new mom, and what to expect from taking adaptogens regularly.

Not Another Wellness Podcast

Natalie and Lopa talk about how Rasa started, where motherhood and business intersect, adaptogenic herbs and their effects, how coffee affects the body, coffee and the doshas, acknowledging and listening to our natural energy states, and Lopa’s favorite way to make a Rasa latte.

Bio Alchemy Podcast

Explore the health and healing benefits of Rasa’s herbs, what adaptogens are and how they help your body beat stress and maintain homeostasis, what eustress is, sustainability in business, and so much more.

Highest Self Podcast

Ever heard of adaptogens? These intelligent herbs actually work with your body giving you exactly what you need, whether it’s more energy or more relaxation. Learn more about them from Rasa founder Lopa

My Gratitude Attitude Podcast

Lopa chats about how the adaptogens and herbs in Rasa help her cope with the stress of being a full-time mom and biz owner. Plus get an inner look into the backend logistics and operations of launching Rasa.

Fit, Fierce and Fabulous

Courtney chats with Lopa about her journey to discovering adaptogens, how food and spirituality align, why we need to think about soil quality, what it’s like to be in a cult, and how to be compassionate towards yourself and others.

Healing Powers

Lopa and Laura Powers discuss adaptogens and the possible benefits of coffee alternatives.

Flowerlounge with Katie Heiss

How adaptogens build your energy from the inside out, herbs for slowing the aging process, Lopa’s biggest challenges and victories as an entrepreneur, and how rituals can create spaciousness and bring you closer to your loved ones.

Rise Up For You

What Rise Up means to Lopa: ”Sometimes you feel that life is being done to you. I feel the opposite when I hear Rise Up For You if that which is the sense that myself is rising up to meet myself!”
...and much more.

Nutrition Unscripted

We chat adaptogens, how they're useful for the body, and how Rasa came to be. Tune in for a fun-filled, adaptogen-loving episode!