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Diana C. (Oregon, United States)
A tasty spin!

I love the added hint of cacao to the already great Rasa!


Great taste, helps me throughout my day.


Cacao Noir

It's "instant" cacao with brewed cacao flavor and body.

A broad sampling selection that makes a nice introduction to Rasa offerings.

Magnificent Mushrooms Hot Chocolate
Roxanne G. (New York, United States)
Never received it

I would love to get it but never received it.

Matcha Cloud
Courtney C. (New Jersey, United States)

I love this so much. It’s perfect iced for summer.

I wasn’t a fan of this product. I didn’t love the taste (too earthy) and I also found the preparation time consuming. Requires brewing it in a French press type set up.

Super Happy Sunshine
RogueChip (Oregon, United States)
Be Super Happy Careful with this stuff!

I work for myself so my hours are my own, but I still need to be productive. I first got Super Happy Sunshine as part of the sample pack. I made myself a cup on my morning break and went back to work...for a minute. I felt so good and refreshed, I ditched work for the rest of the day and went mountain biking. Thinking it was an anomaly, I tried it again - again during a morning break - a couple days later, and same result. I blew off work for the remainder of the day and took the dogs for a long hike along the beach.
Be careful with this stuff. If you have anything important indoors that needs to get done, you may want to consider a different RASA - and there are plenty to choose from. This one will just open up the door and kick you out. And it's ALL GOOD!
I reordered a larger package. I love it.

Magnificent Mushrooms
Kiki D.L. (Georgia, United States)
So far so good!

I just received my magnificent mushrooms about 5 days ago and so far so good! I do feel a little better in my gut and I’m slowly weening off of coffee so hopefully this will give me the kick I need🤞🏾

Magnificent Mushrooms
Amanda W. (Michigan, United States)
Mushroomie Goodness

This is my 4th month on Magnificent Mushroom. I add 1tsp. each morning to my heavy cream and whisk with an electronic frother add coffee. Latte goodness! YUM! My mood has improved, sleep is better, bloating is down and my hair is thicker. THANK YOU RASA!

Rasa Spoon Bag Clip
Michael Y. (Arizona, United States)
Matcha tea

Absolutely delicious. I love the golden Measuring spoon and tea holder. I love the taste. It's absolutely delicious I feel that I am starting every day with something nutritious. I can feel the nutrition in every sip.

Matcha Cloud
Customer (Tennessee, United States)
Good matcha, but not as good as the Cocoa Noir

Good matcha, but not as good as the Cocoa Noir. I was hoping to fall in love with this the way I did with the Cocoa noir.

Adena A. (New Jersey, United States)
My new morning go-to!

I was an avid (3 cup per day) coffee drinker. Always felt wired and then dropped low. And at night always hard time falling asleep. Since I switched to Rasa (Dirty mostly), I don’t have the ups/downs, and always fall asleep like a baby! I also notice my skin looks bright and I have more mental clarity. Love me some Dirty!!!

It’s the same awesome taste too

I like the taste and the creamy taste to add flavor and try creamer

Matcha Cloud
Shelly (Ohio, United States)
Smooth and Delicious

I love the is Matcha. It’s so smooth. I’ve been enjoying iced matcha as the weather has been warmer!

Rochelle R. (California, United States)
Love the flavor

I have been having this is the late afternoon. I enjoy the flavor and it gives me the pick me up I am looking for.

Crème de la Creamer
Megan M. (Colorado, United States)
Like drinking a cloud

This creaming is amazingly frothy! I mix mine with a little bit of nondairy caramel creamer and add it to all my other Rasa products and I also use it in regular coffee for that adaptogen boost! It gets so frothy, I feel like I got it at a coffee shop! I make sure I have some on hand at all times!! I even travel with it!

Magnificent Mushrooms Hot Chocolate
Kimberly M. (Florida, United States)

The Cacao Mushroom drink is making it easy to let go of coffee. It’s delicious and gives me more energy throughout the day.

Classic Herbal Roast
Judi J. (Florida, United States)

This is my everyday Rasa. I add some frothy coconut almond vanilla creamer and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Of course I like to have the other flavors for the weekend, but instant Rasa is so quick and convenient and tasty, I find myself going to it more and more. Also, the Classic Herbal Roast in the individual pouches is even more robust and more tasty and my absolute favorite of them all!

Perfect way to try all blends.

It’s a great pick me up in the morning.


My favorite Rasa blend so far.