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Super Happy Sunshine
Jennifer W. (Indiana, United States)
Love this!

This is probably one of my favorite Rasa flavors, the taste being so refreshing and wonderful. I do find it actually makes me sleepy so I’ve started drinking it at the end of the day:). My nighttime treat!

The Rasa French Press
Julia S. (New Jersey, United States)
Beautiful but mesh warped instantly

Although I have only hand washed this french press, the filter mesh warped within the first few days of use. It no longer filters properly and bits of grounds get into my drink!

Kathryn H. (California, United States)

It is a great way to start your day, I enjoy all of the benefits of this healthy blend of adaptagens with consistent energy all day long. I only wish it was more chocolatey 😊.

Rasa Ritual Sample Pack
Natalie F. (Colorado, United States)
Epic Sample pack!

Love the diversity of options Rasa has! Still sipping on all the goodness :)
I am a Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist and recommend products depending on what the patient has going on. Your branding is beautiful and formulations are lovely. Thank you for this gift of medicine <3 my people and I love it!

Jenna B. (Minnesota, United States)

Love this with a splash of cream. Reminiscent of a hot chocolate but with the benefits of adaptogens!!

Great flavor, wonderful boost.

The Super Happy Sunshine stands up to it's name. It really is delightful. The cacao flavor really adds that mmm soothing taste but the fruitiness of the lemon balm is a genuine pick-me-up.

Anonymous (New York, United States)
missing something

I don't reach for it as often as I do/did with Dirty or even the original. My sample of BOLD (over a year ago) tasted different than this batch. Change in ingredients does not agree with my stomach.

Golden Chai
Sanya D. (Utah, United States)
Love this RASA ☕️ CHAI

I have a coffee press full every morning LOVE 💕 IT !!!! Thank you so much Sanya

Rasa Spoon Bag Clip
A L. (Texas, United States)
Waste of Money

Just saw this same spoon on my grocer's website for less. I foolishly thought this was a 1/2 spoon since it was offered with my first order of MM. This thing is so big, I dropped it in my bag of plant fertilizer to use there instead.
Why offer it with a subscription of the small bag, then offer as a free gift the next month?

Super Happy Sunshine
Findley B. (Colorado, United States)
Love this stuff

I quit coffee a year ago, and this has been my favorite replacement!

Rasa Ritual Sample Pack
Kristin (Michigan, United States)
Nice to try before buying larger sizes, wish you could select your own sample pack

I don't like that their is gum arabic in one or two of them as that is an allergy of mine so I would have choose other ones, but I did find some flavors I like I am happily making the switch from coffee to these!

Magnificent Mushrooms
Summer (Oregon, United States)

It’s my pixie dust! It took me two weeks for the adaptogens to build up in my body, but adaptogens have given me my brain back!

JENNIFER J. (Minnesota, United States)
Rasa Bold is a winner!

I love Rasa Bold. I have been able to reduce my caffeine consumption seamlessly. I still drink coffee, but stop after one cup. I switch to Rasa Bold after that and don’t have jitters or crashes. Plus it tastes great!

Elderberry Protect
Brittany T. (Washington, United States)
It works so fast!

I felt a sore throat coming on so I made a cup of elderberry protect. I only had to drink it for two days in a row before the sore throat was gone and I never got any other symptoms!

Hannah O.


Classic Rasa
Paula K. (California, United States)
Coffee Replacement Worthiness

Rasa Classic is the perfect coffee replacement. I like it hot or cold. The flavor is pleasant and I love the individual packets of ground herbal tea. But, the kicker is I am sleeping better. I did not realize how much coffee affected my sleep. And no jittery side effects or crash.

Eevee L. (New Mexico, United States)
Divine Herbal Nightcap

This blend has an earthy, robust sweetness that helps ease me into bed. I can absolutely tell the difference in my sleep on nights I drink this versus when I don't. It certainly works some feminine, adoptogenic magic!

Cathy S. (Rhode Island, United States)
Rasa Cacao is awesome!

I love this blend so much and now my daughters are drinking it too! I am going to change my subscription to the larger bag so I never run out!!!

Crème de la Creamer
Donna D. (North Carolina, United States)
Not a fan

I've had my share of coconut creamers but this one lacks flavor. Somethings just off.

The Rasa French Press
Marion S. (Michigan, United States)
French Press

It's the prettiest French press I own. Double wall construction keeps things warmer, too.

Amy H. (Colorado, United States)

I feel like I have focus and intelligence superpowers after drinking BOLD. It's essential to my daily routine.

Jessica P. (Tennessee, United States)
Amazing Way to Start and End the Day

This blend tastes amazing and with a little creamer its like a boosted hot chocolate that you can feel good about. I love this brew and highly recomend it to anyone!

Alisa L. (Ohio, United States)

Love this stuff. I have it every day with a little oat milk. It took some getting used to, but now it's like drinking a yummy hot chocolate. The best Rasa blend.

Lisa S. (New Jersey, United States)

I'm so happy to find a delicious replacement for coffee that is caffeine free. It is the best tasting alternative to coffee I have tried. Bonus that it's got health benefits!

Rasa Ritual Sample Pack
Kimberly B. (Alabama, United States)
Great Variety and an Awesome Way to Try All the Flavors

I’ve tried them all, and I definitely have my favorites: Original, Cacao, and Golden Chai. Honorable mentions go to Spicy Rose Cacao, Bold, and Dirty. I was not a big fan of the Super Happy Sunshine or Calm, though I desperately wanted to be. The Crème de la Creamer pairs really well with most of the brews, and I like that I can get two uses out of a single scoop of Rasa. That really helps stretch a dollar, which I appreciate. I will definitely purchase again and sign up for the subscription service. This has beaten out two other popular mushroom coffee brands for me, as there is no bitter aftertaste, nor a clumpy glop of “coffee” at the bottom of the cup due to settling. The taste of the gloppy one was great, but the texture (as well as the price) is what kind of turned me off. I love that Rasa brews just like coffee does in a French press, so I get the feeling of coffee in the morning, without all the nasty side effects.