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Too gritty!


I enjoy this in the evenings. I prefer it hot but depending on the weather, I would also drink it iced.


I love this coffee alternative! Makes me feel great and it's the tastiest I've tried.

Horrible flavor. Canceled subscription.

Nice combine tool.

Matcha Cloud
Chantal T. (Georgia, United States)

I love adding this matcha product to my smoothie: banana, oat milk, strawberries, lime juice, cinnamon powder. I prefer it to coffee!

I have not taken long enough to determine effects. The price however is insane!!

I had been drinking way too much coffee and having trouble sleeping as well as getting bad headaches every day. I have been trying to find a coffee replacement that I enjoyed as much as coffee, without any luck. I finally tried this and have loved it so much, I signed up for the subscription. It tastes delicious, it’s very quick to make in the morning either hot or iced, and I have not been getting headaches every day! It still has caffeine but only 70 mg and the mushrooms are supposed to help prevent a crash. I usually froth this with vanilla soy milk and cinnamon and pour it over ice along with 1-2 decaf espresso shots and have a delicious latte I look forward to every morning.

Radiant Roast Coffee
Lesley (Vermont, United States)
Great for a quick morning beverage!

Delicious, easy to mix up and love that it has less caffeine than a regular cup of coffee!

The Rasa French Press
Angela F. (Michigan, United States)
So cute

Very pretty and works well. I love it.

Spicy Rose Cacao
Angela F. (Michigan, United States)
Great flavors

I love the flavor. I mix in a bit of monk fruit and soy milk. Great pick me up in the afternoon.

Raspberry Hibiscus Hydration
Jade M. (Washington, United States)
Not what I expected

The taste is watery, not alot of flavor. It has much more sodium than I expected, too much like a frufru Gatorade. I will not purchase it again.

Cacao Noir
Jennifer B. (Virginia, United States)
Great way to start the day!

I was missing the coffee part of my morning study and coffee ritual- the cacao Rasa has brought it back joyfully. I also feel I can concentrate better and am actually sleeping at night again!

Cacao Noir
Wade W. (Minnesota, United States)
Awesome and delicious !

We received our product and were delighted with the flavor. Highly recommend RASA. Yummy!

Matcha Cloud
Roselyn F. (Texas, United States)
You Must Try Matcha Cloud!

I ordered and love this instant drink! It is flavorful without anything added, but I also tried it with a small amount of Stevia and Bliss creamer and liked the richness the creamer added. Try it - you will not be disappointed!

Absolutely love this product will buy again.

Christopher B.V. (Michigan, United States)
Perfect coffee alternative and it's caffeine free

This stuff is awesome. It works better than coffee or anything with caffeine and there is no crash. It's way healthier than coffee too. Since Rasa Bold doesn't have any caffeine, it doesn't irritate the digestive system or dehydrate you like coffee does. Coffee is also extremely acidic whereas, Rasa bold is not since it's made from herbs, mushrooms, and adaptogens. Apaptogens outperform caffeine if you ask me. The only downside to Rasa Bold is that it costs way more than coffee, but you get what you pay for. I have been searching for a caffeine free coffee alternative for years and Rasa Bold is the best I have ever found. If you're a coffee drinker (or anything with caffeine) and you're trying to quit, this is answer for you!

Matcha Cloud
Jan A. (Kansas, United States)
Absolutely amazing

I love love this. Very easy to make and taste so good ! Thank you

Emily C. (New Mexico, United States)
Cacao is my ultimate favorite!

This is my daily Rasa :) I have enjoyed many of the others, but this is the one I keep coming back to. It helps me get my chocolate fix each morning, and I know that all of the adaptogens are doing good things for my body. It has helped me cut back on coffee as well. Highly recommend!

Matcha Cloud
Laura D. (Utah, United States)
Best matcha

It was surprised how much I love this Matcha. I mean, I knew it would be good, but it’s my favorite Matcha mix I’ve ever purchased. I appreciate that Russell uses coconut milk because I can’t have dairy. It’s just the right amount of sweet. I add some almond milk just to give it a little more creaminess.

Golden Chai
Aisha H. (District of Columbia, United States)

This is our bedtime drink and my little ones have coined it as "licious" because it is just that delicious of course!

Rasa Ritual Sample Pack
Katie L. (Indiana, United States)
Happy customer!!

I’m glad I started with the starter pack to give me an opportunity to find the one I like. They have all been good, I have 3 still to try:). They don’t have a coffee flavor (well except the 2 that has coffee in the ingredients) which I don’t like the taste of coffee. So the other flavors have a slight chocolate taste but it’s subtle.

Matcha Cloud
Maggie K. (California, United States)
Has become an every day addition

Absolutely love this matcha. I add a little collagen to it and whip it up as a latte.So glad I tried it.

Magnificent Mushrooms
Cory R. (Colorado, United States)
There's so mush-room for just a scoop in so many things!

A scoop of magnificent mushroom goes a long way and is applicable in so many differerent things! I have added to my rasa cocao drink, coffee, smoothie, soup and yogurt mixes. It's so easy and such a great addition to elevate my health.