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Adaptogens: Botanical Partners For Your Practice

Adaptogens are a special class of herbs that help the body adapt to and defend against the insidious effects of chronic stress. These herbs work systematically in the body to help balance, restore, and protect many vital systems. Adaptogens are ideal both as prophylactics and to work on the underlying root cause of a wide range of issues. Chronic stress and high levels of cortisol disrupt healthy immune function, sleep, libido, digestion, energy, mood, hormone balance, and more. Because adaptogens build resistance to stress and balance cortisol levels, they are wonderful herbs for any practice.

Plus, coffee often exacerbates stress, poor sleep, and digestive complaints! If you recommend that a client reduce coffee, eliminate caffeine, or re-assess their relationship to coffee, our adaptogenic coffee alternatives offer an easy path for them to do this.

Want to learn more about adaptogens? Apply for a practitioner account, and you’ll get access to training videos that dive into the science and traditions behind adaptogens. Can’t wait? Check out our guide on adaptogens.

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RASA is one of the great loves of my nutrition practice.

I support women with nutritional and lifestyle changes to support disease prevention, better mood, balanced energy, and well-being. Rasa's line of delicious, nourishing, and health-promoting adaptogens support people through multiple seasons of life challenges and adventures. It’s the warm hug of coffee replacements, and I’m thankful to offer such a satisfying alternative to my clients.

Laura Nasser, M.Ed., MSHN; Living Nutrition & Wellness, LLC

We love suggesting Rasa to our patients!

Especially those facing adrenal burnout or fertility challenges. It’s a lovely way for them to replace their morning coffee ritual with something that actually helps their health. And it’s an easy sell because it’s so yummy.

Hillary Talbott Roland DOM, FABORM; Art of Acupuncture

So glad we found Rasa!

We recommend Rasa to our patients who are trying to wean off of coffee. It tastes great and it provides support for the adrenal glands, which is a good thing because caffeine is often the “drug of choice” for those with adrenal issues.

Kim Nearpass, ND; Mountain-River Naturopathic Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I try Rasa before signing up?
    When your application is accepted, you’ll be able to try Rasa by choosing from a curated selection of products (including our sampler pack which will let you try all of our brewed blends!).
  • What if I want to stock Rasa myself?
    We have many practitioners who prefer to buy Rasa wholesale and stock our blends in their apothecaries. If that’s you, please apply for a wholesale account here.
  • Is this similar to mushroom coffee?
    We focus on both adaptogens and mushrooms, and use mushrooms in almost every blend. Plus, we offer the most potent mushroom extract powder on the market.
  • Are all your blends caffeine-free?
    While most of our blends are caffeine-free, we do offer some products with actual coffee (like Dirty Rasa and Café Rasa). The cacao in a few products contributes trace amounts of caffeine to blends like Cacao Rasa and Spicy Rose Cacao.
  • Do I get $40 every time a client orders?
    No, this is a one time payout for new Rasa customers that you refer. Our Practitioner Program is similar to an affiliate program, but with a much higher payout.
  • Do you test your products for heavy metals?
    Yes, we use a wide range of strategic testing at 3rd party labs for pesticides, heavy metals, sulfites, allergens, & microbial contaminants. Read more about our testing protocols here.
  • How can I receive my payouts?
    Once you have been notified via email that you have an available payout, you will be able to receive your payment via Tremendous. Tremendous allows you to choose from a variety of gift cards including Visa gift cards or major retailer gift cards (such as, etc).

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