Our line of coffee alternatives is made of organic herbs, adaptogens, & mushrooms drawing on ancient tradition and informed by modern science. Here’s how we compare to other ways to fill your morning cup:




Caffeine, leaving you with jitters and a crash

Energizes from within using adaptogens

Caffeine content

90-120mg+ of caffeine per cup

0-5mg of caffeine (except Dirty, which has 35mg!)


Varies (a lot)

Starts at $0.75/serving (subscription pricing of our Original blend)

Featured ingredients

Coffee, duh

Adaptogens, and mushrooms* formulated at an effective dose

*Only fruiting body mushrooms*, extracted for potency and bioavailability

How it’s formulated

It’s only one ingredient sooooo…

Formulated by a clinical herbalist for function and flavor


Maybe blessed by someone with shaky hands?

Blessed by grass-fed unicorns**

Sourcing and sustainability

Sometimes fair trade or direct trade

Meticulously sourced for quality, bioavailability, and long-term ecosystem sustainability

Stuff you can feel good about

It’s a mixed bag

Woman-owned Public Benefit Corporation

Just Brew It

Our blends are obsessively sourced and meticulously formulated by our in-house clinical herbalist. Good tasting? Check. Functional blends featuring adaptogens that help support your stress response? Check. Bless by grass-fed unicorns? Check.

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Don’t Take Our Word for It

Our real life customers (some who’ve been with us since the beginning) have had such nice things to say we think you should listen to them more than us.

You have to try it to believe it, seriously.

“I was looking for a morning drink that I felt was really benefiting my body holistically. So I finally tried the Rasa starter pack. My body immediately took to the original Rasa and within two days I felt a positive change. The herbs in this blend feel like they’re working with your body instead of against it. You have to try it to believe it, seriously."

Brooke F.

Two non-shakey thumbs way up!

“Being a complete chocoholic, there are few things that are better than starting off my morning with a warm, rich, deep, chocolately, orgasmic Rasa hug. Even better—that "calm energy" it's supposed to give is 100% a thing. This has been a great replacement to kill the coffee craving, give me energy to get through the day, satisfy the morning cup-of-something-warm-and-magical routine, & chills my cave-lady brain tf out so I can work in peace. Two non-shakey thumbs way up!”

Victoria L.

Best Purchase EVAH.

"I'm a low-energy, caffeine-dependent mom. When a Moka Pot of espresso wears off and caffeine just doesn't do anything for me anymore, I know I need help. Thank goddess I found Rasa! Whatever's in Rasa works for me! I love it! I've come to crave the earthy flavor, too. I usually just add milk, but sometimes I add some cinnamon, ginger and cloves for a chai treat. It's easy on the tummy, too. Spreading the word! Thanks!!!"

Heather K.

Restores My Mental Well-Being

Since I started drinking Rasa daily I feel much more calm and able to handle stress, which as a mom of two young kids happens pretty often. It’s like a soothing balm to my nerves that also tastes really great straight or with milk and honey!"

Jackie J.

My Lifeblood. My Essence. The Wind Beneath My Wings.

“My Lifeblood. My Essence. The Wind Beneath My Wings. My husband looked up at me the morning I gleefully restocked my big ole bag of drinkable patience in the pantry and said, "I'm just glad you found Rasa." And you know what? So am I, babe. So am I. Plus it smells like chocolate chip cookies.”

Christina P.

I figured, why not try it?

"I was impressed with how energetic I felt with out the caffeine! Great taste and a nice little extra boost. No jitters, my stomach was fine and things were nice and even afterwards: no crash! I'm a convert. Also, side note: they have great customer service. They walk their talk."

James C.

Please do not ever stop making this!

"I cannot believe the results I’ve had with Rasa. I’m not sure what’s in this stuff that works for me, but I am feeling better now than I have in YEARS. It also has improved my memory, focus, energy, stress. Incredible. Please do not ever stop making this!"

Becca H.

Step Aside, Coffee!

"As a former home coffee roaster and avid consumer for the past 15 years I was happily surprised by Rasa’s rich taste, deep flavor and restorative energizing qualities. I feel rounded and lush versus stripped and tweaky. Well done Rasa and thanks for crafting an excellent brew. Step aside, coffee!"

Greg B.

It sounded too good to be true.

“As of now, I am about one month into my RASA journey and am loving it!! I used to be a regular coffee drinker and had to give it up completely. Then, I found RASA and it sounded too good to be true. After much internal debating I decided to give it a go. I drink my RASA with a splash of almond milk and coconut oil and it is delicious! I feel a bit calmer throughout the day...I am looking forward to continued benefits as I continue down my RASA journey.”

Emily A.

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