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Say what? Elderberry tonic can do *that*?

Our Clinical Herbalist sits down with Lopa to discuss all things Elderberry!
- Elderberry’s amazing properties (hot damn they are impressive!)
- The deal with “fake” elderberry & real elderberry, plus how we source and quality control to deliver high-potency extracts & herbs (we are obsessive!)
- Why we super-duper need adaptogens in 2020

What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost?

Elderberry Boost is a full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants and aromatics complete this powerful tonic.

Elderberry and Cytokine Storms

Elderberry is flying off the shelves and it’s also the center of a debate around cytokine storms. What started as a nuanced post by a fellow herbalist has turned into reductionist and extrapolative soundbites and memes. Can elderberry provoke a cytokine storm? The short answer: it’s highly unlikely.

What do boundaries have to do with immunity? Everything.

Immunity is a particularly important expression of boundaries. It is the physical interface between what’s in here and what’s out there; what’s me and what’s not me. If we want to remain centered and strong this winter, a resilient immune system is key.

The 5 Components To Spicy Rose's Secret Sauce
Sex and sensuality are multifaceted, individual, and often unpredictable. This nature of the erotic makes picking the right aphrodisiac herbs difficult at best.
Adaptogens + Adrenals = ❤️

Adaptogens can have a significant impact on how you handle stress. Read on to learn how and why they work, for an accessible dose of science with a dash of fun. 😃

Get Relaxed. Get Spiritual. Get Reishi. 🍄
Reishi is one of the most popular mushrooms on the market and with good reason! Read on to learn about how reishi can help us move from reactive emotions to relaxation 👈Who doesn't want that?
How Rhodiola Benefits Mood & Endurance
This powerful stimulating adaptogen is widely used to enhance athletic stamina and endurance, but it also has mood, brain, AND libido-boosting benefits, too! Whether you're an athlete or just a runner in the race of life, rhodiola can offer wide-ranging benefits.
Libido-Loving, Nourishing Shatavari 🥰
All hail the Queen! Let us introduce our feminine energy powerhouse herb–Shatavari. This lovely lady helps nourish and restore your nervous system AND helps enhance fertility. You don't want to miss this one!
Live Long & Prosper with He Shou Wu 🖖
Meet our friend He Shou Wu: a longevity tonic, rejuvenating adaptogen, cognitive enhancer, and long-term sexual energy restorative. We trust you will get along...
The Original Adaptogen: Energizing Eleuthero
If you are wondering where the real SURGE of energy in Rasa comes from that makes it comparable to coffee: meet Eleuthero, your new best friend for cultivating lasting calm energy. 
D is for Dandelion, Dandelion is for Detox 🙌

Explore the hidden health benefits of a common weed we think the world is ready to know about! (Hint: gentle detoxification is just ONE of the many benefits.)

The Nourishing, Energizing Adaptogen: Codonopsis

If there is no caffeine in Rasa at all...how does it actually energize us? Que codonopsis. This powerful root helps restore our body’s natural energy reserve both short and long-term.

Support Healthy Blood Sugar & Circulation with Cinnamon ⚖️
This illustrious bark can help balance blood sugar levels, relieve sore muscles, and stimulate circulation throughout the body. Read on and get excited!
Poop Better With Chicory 💩
Worried that cutting out coffee will make you poop less? This kick-ass weed is here to help. (As well as being a restorative digestion-enhancer, liver decongestant, and nutritive herb!)
Ch-ch-ch-chaga: Immunity With Impunity
Discover some of the amazing immune-boosting and detoxifying benefits this medicinal mushroom has to offer, plus how to help keep these magic fungi living strong.
Skin & Lymph Purifying Benefits of Burdock 🌿
Learn more about your belly’s new bestie—burdock root! It's not the weed we typically talk about here in Colorado, but super rad nonetheless 😝!
Ashwagandha: The “Calm Energy” King 😌
The powerful adaptogen Ashwagandha strikes a unique balance: it is calming yet revitalizing, and libido-boosting without being too “over stimulating.”