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Why Hydration? A Letter From Our Chief Herbalist
Backpacking is one of my favorite summer activities. There’s nothing like sleeping under the stars, waking up to the birds, and sitting by an alpine...
Meet the Ashwagandha Farmers Powering Rasa
While bumping down a dusty country road in Bangalore, I thought back to a sourcing trip I took in the mountains of Northeast China. The...
How a Month Can Change Your Life
If you’re reading this, odds are you drink caffeine. Over 75% of Americans consume this stimulant daily (source), so what I’m about to say may...
Rasa Original: New & Improved
Since we launched our first blend four years ago, Original Rasa has become beloved by many. Over 1800 reviewers have rated it 4.8/5 stars. Reading...
Four Ways Rasa Supports Your Digestion
While we talk a lot about Rasa being supportive for improving stress thanks to adaptogens, Rasa is also filled with herbs that support a healthy digestive...
Finding moments of calm
Today I had a conversation with some folks I am in community with, and we all seemed to be experiencing the same thing: the desire...
2021: A Radically Transparent Rasa Recap
As we head into 2022, we wanted to take time to reflect on our growth, challenges, failures, and all that we accomplished in 2021. One...
Why Daily Rituals Matter: The Cumulative Effect of Adaptogens
We’re often asked, why is cumulative use important with Rasa? And, how often do I need to drink Rasa to get max benefit? These common...
Crème de la Creamer: Focus & Flow
Welcome to Your Flow State of Mind (You remarkable sparkle of human consciousness, you.) We formulated the perfect complement to your morning brew. Because modern...
Crème de la Creamer: A Gush of Beauty in Your Cup
Superfunctional & Adaptogenic  You’ve heard it before; outer beauty is inner beauty. Meaning, much of what makes us radiate on the outside is dependent on...
Rasa & Global Care, Healing and Appreciation
If herbs are the medicines of both landscapes and cultures, a cup of Rasa is truly a global experience. The 50 botanicals we source for...
Spring Boost: Staying Strong with Elderberry
As the snow melts and the world yawns and blinks its eyes, you may be wondering— should I put my Elderberry Boost away until next...
The 6 Ancient Herbs of CALM
Step into a  decadent afternoon, after-dinner or pre-bedtime moment of repose and self care with your new favorite blend that makes you feel lavishly embodied & deeply relaxed
You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup. And Ashwagandha is here to fill your cup till it overflows allllll the way down into the sweet Earth in nearly every possible way. 
Say what? Elderberry tonic can do *that*?

Our Clinical Herbalist sits down with Lopa to discuss all things Elderberry!
- Elderberry’s amazing properties (hot damn they are impressive!)
- The deal with “fake” elderberry & real elderberry, plus how we source and quality control to deliver high-potency extracts & herbs (we are obsessive!)
- Why we super-duper need adaptogens in 2020

What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost?

Elderberry Boost is a full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants and aromatics complete this powerful tonic.

Elderberry and Cytokine Storms

Elderberry is flying off the shelves and it’s also the center of a debate around cytokine storms. What started as a nuanced post by a fellow herbalist has turned into reductionist and extrapolative soundbites and memes. Can elderberry provoke a cytokine storm? The short answer: it’s highly unlikely.

What do boundaries have to do with immunity? Everything.

Immunity is a particularly important expression of boundaries. It is the physical interface between what’s in here and what’s out there; what’s me and what’s not me. If we want to remain centered and strong this winter, a resilient immune system is key.

The “Super” in Super Happy Sunshine: Herbal Education on Sceletium with Rasa’s Clinical Herbalist, Ben LeVine
“A small plant found on the great mountains growing out of crevices in the rocks. It is chewed by Bushmen, and gives strength to their...
4 Powerful Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

Adaptogens like ashwagandha—and really anything that reduces stress—often also have results between the sheets. We share four libido boosting adaptogens that work double time as aphrodisiacs to increase circulation, boost stamina and support sex drive.

Adaptogens + Adrenals = ❤️

Adaptogens can have a significant impact on how you handle stress. Read on to learn how and why they work, for an accessible dose of science with a dash of fun. 😃