4 Powerful Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

4 Powerful Aphrodisiacs for Better Sex

"In this last month drinking Rasa, I can only try to describe the difference in how I feel. It’s like doors have opened and I am much more caring, forgiving, open to love and excited sexually. My wife is thrilled, as am I. Please don’t go out of business, ever." ~ Kabri L.

Reviews like this truly turn us on! They put the twinkle back in our eye after a long day of work. But also, reviews like this have us asking big questions, like: how can a brewed cup of herbs gathered from around the world affect our libido?

Stress is No Foreplay

Some say the most important sexual organ in our body is the brain. We’re the erotic species, the mammals with fantasies, fetishes, and twin flames. The flip side of that, of course, is that our minds can easily get in the way. This happens especially when we’re stressed.

We humans can claim sustained psychological stress as our special invention. Evolutionarily, stress was a short-term crisis; we saw a bear in the woods and we ran or we fought. Assuming we made the right decision, we could then head back to the fire to feed and breed, rest and digest.

Nowadays, the bear is more likely to be a constantly overflowing inbox, toddlers to juggle with an already full life, and the constant expectation to do more and be more. Our modern bear takes many forms. And it rarely retreats.

When stress becomes a chronic condition in our lives, our libido is often one of the first things to go. After all, when you see a bear, you run or you fight. You don’t make out with that bear! Under stress our body prioritizes systems that favor immediate survival. Dirty talk and sensual massages don’t make the cut.


Awaken with Adaptogens

Adaptogens as a group can be profoundly useful in supporting a healthy libido. They help balance our hormones, bring us back to our resting parasympathetic state, and allow us to leave the stress of the world at the bedroom door. In addition to their general support, several adaptogens in Rasa are individually celebrated as hot plants and potent reproductive tonics.

Ashwagandha: this Indian root is the original Ayurvedic sex plant. Though often seen as a male herb in the West, women were traditionally just as likely to employ this herb to stimulate their sex drives. Modern research is backing ancient knowledge, with many studies on male fertility, testosterone, and libido. For women, one exciting 2015 randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study with 50 female participants concluded that ashwagandha supplementation had a significant positive influence on orgasm, satisfaction, lubrication, and arousal.1

Shatavari: can be translated from Sanskrit as “she who possesses a hundred husbands”, a less than subtle nod to this plant’s unique ability to kick-start the powerful engine of female sexuality. This herb is the Queen, and don’t you forget it. Shatavari is an adaptogen that nourishes our Yin— our receptive side— allowing us to enter intimate spaces feeling full, open, and juicy.

Rhodiola: This herb’s rose-like smell has earned it the nickname Rose Root. But rhodiola’s associations with roses and romance doesn’t stop at scent! In Siberia, a bouquet of rhodiola roots is traditionally given to couples on their wedding night to be used in the spirit of love, passion, and fertility. It’s a common remedy in the Altay region of Russia for low libido and loss of vitality.

He Shou Wu: Legend has it that this Chinese reproductive tonic was discovered in the mountains by an old man who had never married. One day, he observed a pair of vines twining around each other in a dance of love and took that as a sign to consume the plant. His hair became black, he experienced a vitality unknown to him, and he quickly married and fathered several children. He Shou Wu translates into English as Mr. He’s black hair.

We often ask ourselves and our partners, how do we best transition from long hours in the office to the joyous cabin we’ve built with our lover in the wilderness of our shared emotions? How do we let the day fall away and embrace being instead of doing? Perhaps with the help of our green friends, the plants that do wonders in alleviating stress and enhancing our vitality, joy, and resilience.

When the things of the mind don’t fill your heart, then there is love. ~ J. Krishnamurti

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