Crème de la Creamer: Focus & Flow

Crème de la Creamer: Focus & Flow

Welcome to Your Flow State of Mind
(You remarkable sparkle of human consciousness, you.)

We formulated the perfect complement to your morning brew. Because modern problems call for modern solutions, your super functional life calls for a super functional creamer.

There’s a reason why Crème de la Creamer is named as such; with over 800MG of adaptogens, it’s best-in-class for high-integrity health impact—and superior cognitive support.

Not to mention it’s ultra-hydrating, water-holding, vitality-boosting super-power herb stars like Snow Mushroom and Alma to have you radiating forth like the fountain of youth. 

This synergistic blend of herbal-wonders comes together in a powder-punch of luscious, overflowing energy for a super-functional, super-focused, flowy feel.

Explore the cascade of benefits within the herbal wonders of Crème de la Creamer...

L-theanine:  Offsets the jitters from caffeine & helps you flow forth 

The prime-time for deep thinking is when you’re relaxed yet alert; which is exactly the state that L-theanine delivers.
This amino acid increases alpha brain waves (like when you meditate!)—supporting mind/body integration & focused creativity. The best part? It smoothes out the rough edges of caffeine—levelling out the spike & reducing the crash. 

American Ginseng: Balanced energy for high performance 

American Ginseng is a wunderkind of the adaptogen family: it nourishes our adrenals, soothes the nervous system, promotes relaxation, and—paradoxically, increases stamina and cognitive performance. (Whoa.) Our ginseng is cultivated to ensure sustainability of threatened wild populations.

MCT Oil: Saturated with sustainable stamina 

Produced exclusively from organic coconuts, our MCT oil is efficiently absorbed for a steady stream of energy.

Snow Mushroom: Deeply hydrating & moisturizing

Heralded by Traditional Chinese medicine for its beautifying properties, this blossom-like fungus can hold over 500 times its weight in water! Long ago, imperial consorts of ancient China shared this beauty secret—and modern science is starting to back them up: tremella may help support healthy collagen levels in our skin.

AMLA BERRY: A vitality-supporting superfruit

A juicy superfruit brimming with antioxidants, Amla's detoxification power and vitamin C content team up to promote healthy skin. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, Amla’s Sanskrit name translates as "the sustainer" and is often used to increase ojas, our vital energy. More ojas means more vigor, joy, and juiciness in life! 

Ready to focus and flow? Try Crème de la Creamer Now.