Four Ways Rasa Supports Your Digestion

Four Ways Rasa Supports Your Digestion

While we talk a lot about Rasa being supportive for improving stress thanks to adaptogens, Rasa is also filled with herbs that support a healthy digestive system. Our gut is a key player in our overall health, and supporting our gut health is so important! As Rasa is a blend meant to be consumed daily, not only are you nourishing your adrenals, you’re also being really kind to your gut.

We know our stress levels impact many aspects of health, like immunity, libido, and mood. Gut health is similar! Improve our digestion and microbiome and the cascading effects are broad and startling, from mental clarity and mood, to immunity and energy.

There’s also direct connection from the gut to the brain via the vagus nerve, so your digestion affects your mental health (and visa versa), and is the third center of intelligence (in addition to our head and heart). That’s why we say “gut feeling” and “go with your gut!” or why we might get a stomach ache before an important presentation.

All that is to say, supporting your gut is important for overall wellbeing, vitality, mental, and physical health! Here are four types of herbs we include in Rasa to support your gut health and digestion:


Prebiotic is the new probiotic! Many of our herbs, like chicory and burdock, contain inulin, a natural prebiotic. Prebiotics, like inulin, are soluble fibers that are the perfect food for our healthy gut bacteria and promote a balanced gut microbiome. So if you take a probiotic or eat probiotic-rich foods, consuming prebiotics is essential for the probiotics to do their job.


Bitter herbs like dandelion stimulate our digestive juices, strengthen our digestive response, and help our liver maintain optimal functioning. It’s like lifting weights, but for your liver! Herbalists love bitters because they are such an important class of herbs to help people absorb nutrients and keep things moving as they should.


Spices like ginger and cardamom can help alleviate gas and digestive discomfort. Carminative herbs are also said to stoke our digestive fire! Plus they are warming and delicious—no wonder our community loves our Golden Chai blend so much.


When our stress hormones are elevated—meaning they are in “fight or flight”—our digestion takes a back seat to more immediate survival needs. Adaptogens, with their stress balancing effect, help us more readily achieve the “feed and breed”/ “rest and digest” state— giving us more effective and efficient digestion. No more stress cramps, stress-induced indigestion, or stress-eating.