Finding moments of calm

Finding moments of calm

Today I had a conversation with some folks I am in community with, and we all seemed to be experiencing the same thing: the desire to move through the stagnation of the past couple of years alongside a complete dearth of energy.

It’s not surprising, though. We’re nearly two years into the pandemic and life as we know it has radically changed, while also leaving many of us in a holding pattern. The constant decision making (is it safe to leave my house? how do I tell my boss I don’t feel safe going to the office? etc.) coupled with the experience, for many, of being less mobile than ever before, is exhausting, confusing, and downright depleting.

Here are 5 simple ways I find calm these days:

Enjoying an evening foot bath with epsom salts

So easy, so delightful. I use a plastic basin we have from washing dishes while camping with a handful of epsom salts and hot water. Feel free to add herbs or essential oils, too. A soothing way to wind down at night. (Thanks to my friend, Jamie, for this recommendation!)

Going on walks

A simple one, but so impactful. To be honest, my lack of energy makes it sometimes hard to convince myself to go on a walk. But I always am grateful when I do. In addition to physical movement, which is helpful when I feel stagnant, I also find walking connects me with nature. I love to see the seasons changing, the first flowers poking out of the ground, and experiencing the elements around me.

Drinking a hot, soothing cuppa at night

I assume you knew I was heading here at some point, right? Not only because well, this is Rasa after all, but Rasa Calm is truly an important element to my wind-down routine. I love the flavor and I feel so supported in knowing that the herbs in the blend are guiding me into a more relaxed state.

Being in and with community

As I mentioned before, connecting with friends and community has been really nourishing for me as of late. Feeling burnt out can feel so lonely, and while I don’t wish it upon others, it feels energizing to be in community with others who may be experiencing the same. I’ve also been enjoying virtual co-working within community—either simply being together to work on projects, or being part of a weekly writing group where we stay on mute and write for an hour. Being with others, even on mute, reminds me that I don’t have to do this alone.

Connecting to plants

I am an herbalist, and I am constantly learning from plants. Whether they’re the dandelions in my yard, the herbs I grow in my medicinal herb garden, my herbal tinctures, or my two to three cups a day of Rasa, I remind myself that plants are in no rush. They have seasons, and they don’t push themselves to be in a season they aren’t. We don’t expect dandelions to bloom in the cold of winter, so why are we expecting ourselves to do the same? Plants are my ultimate teacher in slowing down, staying present, and providing the medicine and intelligence we need at the moment.

I hope these rituals speak to you, and that you can practice them when you need a moment or two of calm. I would love to hear your rituals—please share them in the comments below so we (and other readers) can learn from you. Just like the plants remind us, we are in this together.