Why Daily Rituals Matter: The Cumulative Effect of Adaptogens

Why Daily Rituals Matter: The Cumulative Effect of Adaptogens

Were often asked, why is cumulative use important with Rasa? And, how often do I need to drink Rasa to get max benefit? These common questions hint at the big difference between daily tonic herbs like adaptogens and herbs used more acutely for specific conditions.

The perfect analogy is probiotics. Theres a reason traditional cultures had a practice of consuming fermented and probiotic-rich foods daily, foods like sauerkraut, beer, yogurt, cheese, miso, and olives. Research now shows that probiotics are extremely beneficial for digestion and gut health, but once we stop consuming them they will leave our body in a week or two and the benefits will cease.

Sauerkraut is to our stomach as adaptogens are to our stress response.

While adaptogens increase performance and push off fatigue in single acute doses, repeated consumption is necessary for the maximum benefit. Daily adaptogen intake not only balances our stress response, but it builds our overall tolerance for stress, particularly the insidious chronic stress we encounter in our productivity-obsessed modern life.

Another good comparison is with exercise. One day of exercise is great, but you need many days of gradual training to build up the resistance and stamina needed to run a marathon. Erik, our General Manager & several-time Ironman finisher can attest. A single dose doesn't compare to a multi-month training schedule.


Like exercise and probiotics, adaptogens work better and better the longer you make them a habit. That’s a big part of the reason we developed Rasa in the first place— a delicious daily ritual that replaces or improves an already established coffee habit is going to be so much more effective and enjoyable than a handful of pills and powders you forget to take most of the time.

To sipping the stress away,

Ben, Chief Herbalist & Co-Founder