Crème de la Creamer: A Gush of Beauty in Your Cup

Crème de la Creamer: A Gush of Beauty in Your Cup

Superfunctional & Adaptogenic 

You’ve heard it before; outer beauty is inner beauty. Meaning, much of what makes us radiate on the outside is dependent on what we ~literally~ put inside our bodies.

Beauty can be many things, it comes in many forms and takes many shapes but it’s safe to say that everyone wants to sport a healthy glow. It’s not just the Gen Z’s that are looking for that dewy radiance, we all want shine.

Your skin, as beautiful as it is, holds a deeper meaning; it can be one of the biggest reflections of your health, as well. And it’s not always easy to please this temperamental and full-bodied organ. The sun, hormones,  the stresses of life, dehydration...they don’t exactly leave us beaming.

In fact, it’s no secret that two of the main factors that take away from that luscious luster are stress and dehydration. I mean, have you kept up with your water goals? I sure haven’t. Who has the time?! 

But even when you can make room for healthy habits, what happens when some of your favorite rituals are drying you wayyyy the heck out? Ahem, coffee. 

Listen, we know you love your morning brew, but is it helping you radiate light like the star-being that you are? For many people it’s a strong no. Yes, that first rich and roasty sip is a beautiful moment but what about the jitters, feeling parched, the afternoon crash and irritability?

These are the questions that led us to create the perfect complement to your favorite morning rituals. A creamer that elevates your cup to have you brimming with beauty all around!

Crème de la Creamer is formulated for function and flow, complete with deeply hydrating herbs like Snow Mushroom and Alma so you can revel in your rituals, knowing that they are replenishing you with luscious hydration from the inside out.

Let’s dive into the stars of Creme de la Creamer:

SNOW MUSHROOM: Deeply hydrating & moisturizing

Heralded by Traditional Chinese medicine for its beautifying properties, this blossom-like fungus can hold over 500 times its weight in water! Long ago, imperial consorts of ancient China shared this beauty secret—and modern science is starting to back them up: tremella may help support healthy collagen levels in our skin.

AMLA BERRY: A vitality-supporting superfruit

A juicy superfruit brimming with antioxidants, Amla's detoxification power and vitamin C content team up to promote healthy skin. In Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India, Amla’s Sanskrit name translates as "the sustainer" and is often used to increase ojas, our vital energy. More ojas means more vigor, joy, and juiciness in life! 

So, if your skin is feeling a little humdrum and lacking vitality and you want to uplevel for supreme hydration & major glow-up, Try Crème de la Creamer’s for beauty boosting sorcery.