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Meet the Shatavari Farmers Who Fuel Rasa's Blends
In Sanskrit, the word shatavari translates as “the plant with a hundred roots” or “who possesses a hundred husbands”. One name a head nod to...
How a Month Can Change Your Life
If you’re reading this, odds are you drink caffeine. Over 75% of Americans consume this stimulant daily (source), so what I’m about to say may...
How Adaptogens Work: A Scientific Deep Dive
At Rasa, we are often asked: So how do adaptogens work? The easy answer is that they help us adapt to stress. The harder answer...
Meet The Vanilla Farmers Who Make Rasa Delicious
We’re dedicated to giving you the inside look into our sourcing! In the spring of 2022 Lopa and Ben went to India on a sourcing...
4 Reasons Why Golden Chai is an Ideal Post-Workout Recovery Drink
We tout Golden Chai as a recovery tonic, but what does that mean? Let’s dive into what makes our recovery tonic, well… a recovery tonic....
Our Six Favorite Mushrooms Explained
Mushrooms are incredible, and the six mushrooms that comprise our Magnificent Mushroom blend are the most researched and potent in the world. Who are they...
Mushrooms: let’s get technical!
When it comes to adaptogens and mushrooms, there are lots of terms that get thrown around. Fruiting bodies! Beta-glucans! Extraction! Substrates! It’s a lot to...
A Milestone, A Closing Date, and Big News Walk Into A Cafe
We have a few wonderful pieces of news to share about our Crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder. It’s been a minute since we wrote about it...
The Dark Secret of Crowdfunding
When we first started exploring crowdfunding as a mission-aligned way to raise capital at the beginning of this year, we spoke to many people who...
Why’d We Choose the Crowd?
When we started Rasa back in 2015, we couldn’t imagine it would be the business it has become today. Lopa founded it out of her...
Golden Chai: Behind the R&D Bench with Ben LeVine
I'm often asked, how do we come up with new Rasa blends? What's the process? How do you decide what herbs to use? In celebration...
Got Libido? A Valentine’s Message (with Experiments to Try!) from Lopa
(It’s that time of year that I talk about my sex life, lol...I share in hopes that even one iota of this will be of...
Monthly Love Letter - October 2020

Through heartbreak and laughter, we just keep going; greeting the sun with each new day. Here’s what’s healing us, making us quake with irreverent laughter, and humbling us as we move forward, step-by-step.

Say what? Elderberry tonic can do *that*?

Our Clinical Herbalist sits down with Lopa to discuss all things Elderberry!
- Elderberry’s amazing properties (hot damn they are impressive!)
- The deal with “fake” elderberry & real elderberry, plus how we source and quality control to deliver high-potency extracts & herbs (we are obsessive!)
- Why we super-duper need adaptogens in 2020

Creating a different relationship with uncertainty & taking care of each other

As we near the change of seasons, uncertainty and anxiety loom in the air. “How bad will COVID be this winter?”, “Will we ever be an equitable society?”, and even “Will there be a civil war?”. These are all valid, and concerning, questions. It's an exceptionally uncertain time. That said. Is life ever actually certain?

Monthly Love Letter - September 2020

A curated monthly love letter by the Rasa Team featuring ways we're experiencing beauty this month.

Monthly Love Letter - August 2020

A curated monthly love letter by the Rasa Team featuring ways we're experiencing beauty this month.

Why We Made Super Happy Sunshine Joy Tonic
Joy has been a little, well, hard to pin down this Summer. There’s been a wide, cacophonous arc of heartache these past few months. Everything...
How to Create Joy Today: 3 Tips for a Happy Life

Little moments of joy are often the first thing to go when we're stressed, anxious, or in a crisis. Yet allowing ourselves a moment of joy creates a respite that makes us more resilient. Here are 3 simple ways to infuse your days with more fun and joy.

Rasa BOLD: Synergy

Synergy exists when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 1+1 no longer equals 2 but maybe 3, 4, or 5 instead. This is seen throughout the natural world, where unlikely emergent behaviors frequently pop up out of complex systems.

Rasa BOLD: Research

The celebrated combination of the adaptogens rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra comprise the core of Bold. These three together have been the subject of many clinical trials and show proven results for enhanced cognitive capacity, decreased fatigue, and powerful effects on stress.