Monthly Love Letter - September 2020

Monthly Love Letter - September 2020

The Ways We’re Experiencing Beauty:
Your Curated Monthly Love Letter from the Rasa Casa

This will make you LAUGH. Julio Torres’s quirky & understated comedy had Team Rasa tickled this month!

This will restore some HOPE. Off the Florida coast, scientists found a nursery of the elusive and vulnerable manta ray. (Why is this amazing?There’s only two other nurseries in the whole world!)

florida manta ray nursery

This will make you MARVEL. Kathrin Marchenko’s fantastical embroidery has us starry-eyed.

Kathrin Marchenko’s fantastical embroidery

This will help you CHILL THE EFF OUT. We often do this incredibly easy polyvagal exercise before Team Rasa meetings! (Tip: you can do it sitting or lying down.)

This will help you CENTER. Tamara Levitt guides you through a meditation to alleviate worry. (Approx. 10 min—start at the 1 min mark.)

This will make you GROOVE. Sway your hips to these sultry & deep techy-tribal sounds from the Organica playlist.

This will CHARM you. Where did all the Bob Ross paintings go? 🤔

This will WARM you right up. Your taste-buds will love you for this one: our Rich & Rosy Rasa latte.

rose adaptogen latte rasa

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You’ve got this, and we’ve got you.

Love, the Rasa Team