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Rasa BOLD: Research

The celebrated combination of the adaptogens rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra comprise the core of Bold. These three together have been the subject of many clinical trials and show proven results for enhanced cognitive capacity, decreased fatigue, and powerful effects on stress.

Good Earth News Because We All Need It Right Now

As we navigate current changes, complexity, and challenge, the tools to remind us of our inner strength and adaptability are more important than ever. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the things bringing us hope right now!

Adaptogens & Immunity | Part II

Building immunity is about more than quick-fixes and fear-induced sterility. It entails a more rounded approach of resourcing our bodies from multiple angles. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, emotional well-being, spiritual vitality— these are all important. And plants can help too, especially stress-busting adaptogens.

How our team is staying happy while homebound

Team Rasa is finding all sorts of ways to keep it together even while we’re apart. Read on for more ideas on how to stay healthy + happy while homebound.

How "Not Worrying" About Coronavirus = Privilege In Action
This is not a time to exclude ANYONE from our care and protection—especially those who are most vulnerable. Taking smart measures to prevent disease spread for yourself is also an act of love and service to all humans.
How Lopa Got Her Groove Back
I’ll be the first to admit I was a tad disappointed that I wasn’t immediately transformed into a Flaming Sex Goddess with my first luscious sip of Spicy Rose Cacao. My husband would be the second.
How To Optimize Your Energy Levels
I’m a morning person. I know, I’m annoying. I’m one of those people who goes to the gym before the sun’s up and generally gets...
Can't Sleep?
Did you roll over hoping the clock said something reasonable and not THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT 👀Lie there tossing and turning? Finally reach for...
Cash Only: Why Coffee is Like a Credit Card

Coffee is like a credit card. You get something today that you pay for tomorrow (or in six months with hefty interest!)

State of Immunity: How to Travel Like a Boss
Needless to say, an airplane is not the ideal environment for anyone's immune system right now. But, there are some categories of essential travel. Regardless...