Cash Only: Why Coffee is Like a Credit Card

Cash Only: Why Coffee is Like a Credit Card

Coffee is like a credit card. You get something today that you pay for tomorrow (or in six months with hefty interest!)

The funds that you use to pay off caffeine’s energetic credit come from what Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to as Yuan Qi or “primordial chi.” Yuan Qi is the energy that you are born with and comes directly from your parents’ qi, The amount you get is fixed at birth, so when you tap into it, this is a debt that cannot technically be paid back.

You can supplement your overall qi–the energy that you get from breathing air and eating food–but the Yuan Qi is finite and we must take care to maintain it.

How to stop putting your day "on credit”

For example, when you get a crappy night’s sleep, and you drink coffee to power through the day, you are technically putting that day “on credit.” (I am certainly guilty of this, and I work here! So please know that you are not alone if you are running a deep line of coffee credit!)

We believe (when we are being our best, caffeine-free selves) that you need to work with what you’ve got–the ultimate form of presence when you’re sleep-deprived, overworked, or just plain worn out. Rather than fighting the fatigue, find a way to navigate your day within it.

This is one way that adaptogens can be of real benefit in our everyday lives. Not only do the herbs in Rasa give you a boost when you drink it, but they also tonify your overall energy, so that when you need a little extra, you have the reserves to draw on, rather than dipping into your Yuan Qi and putting that day on credit!

This allows you to pay for that day with cash up front, and not incur any debt. Maybe you have to pace yourself differently or take care of yourself more, but you’re working within your energy budget for the day in a way that maintains the integrity of your Yuan Qi, and doesn’t borrow from tomorrow! For the same reason that (in our 20s and maybe still) we ate ramen right before rent was due rather than putting an expensive meal on our credit card, sometimes we just have to lay low when we’re running on empty–financially and energetically!

Why does Rasa cost so much?

We source 12 herbs from 5 countries with the highest standards around sustainability, potency, and human rights. When we add our commitment to compostable packaging and post-consumer recycled shipping materials. We promise to never compromise our values and quality standards to bring the price down, because we know that’s what so many of you love about us in the first place!

For perspective, most adaptogen products cost $2-5 per serving, Rasa costs 0.83! So even with our commitment to the high integrity of our product and our company, we are literally one of, if not the least expensive adaptogen brand on the market. We encourage you to think of Rasa as a supplement instead of a coffee replacement, you’re getting 12 incredibly healing herbs for the price of less than a cup of gas station coffee.

Have you used Rasa to change your relationship with caffeine? Quit coffee entirely? Have tips and tricks to share? Leave them in the comments below!