How our team is staying happy while homebound

How our team is staying happy while homebound

Team Rasa is finding all sorts of ways to keep it together even while we’re apart. Read on for more ideas on how to stay healthy + happy while homebound.

Lopa, CEO & Founder
"This time has reminded me that the little things really are the big things: having tea in the mornings with my fam, starting my workday with an extra-special Rasa elixir, taking a moment to breathe with one hand on my belly and one hand on my heart, picking flowers on a family walk after work...these “little” things make all the difference in how I feel about life."

James, Amazon
"Themed weekend days with the family (broadway shows and NY food on Saturday)!"

Stephan, Co-Founder
Finally getting the house organized, and I’ve been cooking with all the weird things in the kitchen I have been meaning to use for years!

Ben, Chief Herbalist
Keeping the house and work area very clean. Moving my body (trail running). Not judging myself if I need to zone out and watch TV in the evenings.

Ted, COO
Keep a daily routine. I start the morning with a gratitude ritual and then block time (chores, family, work, exercise) in focused chunks, making sure to shower and wear clothes that put me in the proper mode of what I am doing vs pjs.

Lovejoy, Creative Director
Daily exercise is really helping! We ride bikes in a 10-12 mile loop almost every day, and have started a practice of an evening/post dinner/digestive (for the mind and body) walk. Also places where ritual can be are super helpful (schedules, making Rasa, brewing tea, etc.)

Marguerite, Customer Care
Gardening! Being structured with my day, and using all this "free" time to get through the bigger, longer projects that have been waiting for a while. And being kind to myself when the structure collapses and we vegetate.

Catie, Brand Manager
Making time for exercise, staying connected with friends via FaceTime, and getting outside everyday is crucial! Oh, and I’ve been chopping wood - that definitely helps!

Talita, Marketing Manager
I try to go out for a walk, jog or bike ride once a day. Breathing fresh air puts my mind in a good place. I also make sure to shower and change my clothes for work time – again, it helps with that head space thing. Focusing on enjoying the good parts of being home: reading more books, cuddles under warm blankets, home-cooked meals, game nights, working from the patio under the sun...