Monthly Love Letter - October 2020

Monthly Love Letter - October 2020

The Ways We’re Experiencing Beauty:
Your Curated Monthly Love Letter from the Rasa Casa

Through heartbreak and laughter, we just keep going; greeting the sun with each new day. Here’s what’s healing us, making us quake with irreverent laughter, and humbling us as we move forward, step-by-step.

This will MOVE you.Thich Nath Hanh burial requests as he approaches his final days.

“One senior monastic disciple, Brother Chan Phap Dung, recalled a powerful teaching shared by Thay before he became sick, in which he instructed his community not to build a traditional memorial stupa for his remains after he dies:

“Please do not build a stupa for me. Please do not put my ashes in a vase, lock me inside and limit who I am. I know this will be difficult for some of you. If you must build a stupa though, please make sure that you put a sign on it that says, ‘I am not in here.’ In addition, you can also put another sign that says, ‘I am not out there either,’ and a third sign that says, ‘If I am anywhere, it is in your mindful breathing and in your peaceful steps.’” (Plum Village)”

This will remind you of the interwoven beauty of NATURE. This beautiful documentary film follows the life of a peculiar octopus in the kelp forests of Africa.

This will make you feel CONNECTED. The Bengsons touch our hearts us with the “Keep Going Song”—we dare you to watch this and not *at least* well up a little.

This will make you LOL. Just Firstman’s killer impression of Mother Nature brings an supremely irreverent (and hilarious) note to a dark year (Note! Don’t swipe to his other videos if you are easily offended. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!) 😉

This will make your mouth WATER. Rasa infused Chocolate Carob Loaf Cake with Dank Tahini Date Caramel by Cooking with Claire.

This will help you create more mental SPACE. Rasa’s recent post on how to set digital boundaries.

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DIGITAL BOUNDARIES :: #realtalk, raise your hand if you've ever reached the end of your day and felt that checked-out, sorta numb mental state from way too many hours of mindless scroll/tap/scroll/tap 🙋‍♀️.⁠ ⁠ While there’s no doubt that tech can enhance our lives (hello, ability to work remotely and stay in touch with family far away!), it can also be a silent energy sucker. But there’s good news, just like any relationship, you can set boundaries between you and your devices. Enjoy the benefits of a connected globe, while also protecting yourself from energy-sucking tech time.⁠ ⁠ TIPS FOR A POSITIVE TECH RELATIONSHIP:⁠ ⁠ 💤 No phone in the bedroom. Use an actual alarm clock and try not to reach for your phone 2h after waking and 2h before bed. These precious times of your day are worth protecting!⁠ ⁠ 🏃‍♀️ Do phone-free activities every. single. day. Walk around the block, read a book, or work out without your phone.⁠ ⁠ 👩‍💻 Try deleting a few social media apps and use your computer to access them when you need to.⁠ ⁠ 💧 Find at least two healthy substitutes a day, such as taking five deep breaths or drinking a cup of water, for the times you'd normally use your phone as a distraction.⁠ ⁠ 💩 Don’t take your smart phone with you into the bathroom (it's ok, we're guilty of this too).⁠ ⁠ 🙅‍♀️ Turn off push notifications. They grab your attention and can lead to mindlessly checking your phone. Actively choose to check your phone when YOU want to.⁠ ⁠ ✨ Get clear on what you LOVE about your tech to avoid what you don't. What value are you getting from your apps and what’s the minimum amount of time you need to gain that perceived value? If your goal on FB is to catch up with friends and family, spend only the time necessary to fulfill that goal, and then move on with your day.⁠ ⁠ What are your healthy tech boundaries? Let us know in the comments, you never know who it could help!⁠ ⁠ art via @federicoclapis⁠

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