What’s In Lopa’s Cup These Days?

What’s In Lopa’s Cup These Days?

One of the things I take great joy in is choosing my Rasa for the day.

I love having a full pantry of all of the goods and then taking a moment to tune into myself and feel what my body needs. As you drink more Rasa and get familiar with more of the blends, this lovely subtle thing happens, like my body knows which herbs I need. Or, sometimes, it’s more of a flavor-driven decision. Either way, I know I’m nourishing my body and mind with every cup.

And yes, I drink Rasa multiple times a day, most days! We often get the question, “How much is too much?” And the most simple answer is: if it feels like too much, it probably is! Otherwise, drink to your heart’s content. These formulations are a rare combination of potent and safe—huge shoutout to my co-founder and Rasa’s herbalist, Ben, for his formulation skill and artistry there!

So what do I drink Morning, Noon, & Night? The answer: it depends! But here’s my general list.


My Morning Go-Tos

Matcha Cloud

If you’ve been following our emails, you know I have a liiiittttle bit of A Thing for our Matcha - and for me, it’s the perfect boost for most mornings. I love the matcha boost, and our herbs round it out for a steady, happy, strengthened vibe that keeps me calm, awake, and steady all day.


If I didn’t sleep well the night before or I am under particular stress, Bold is my go-to. I swear it’s the Sleep-Replacer, and that extra-potent dose of adaptogens really helps fortify me when life’s being a bit of a twatwaffle.

Radiant Roast Coffee

If it’s one of those mornings and I just want that fresh li’l kick of caffeine, Radiant Roast Coffee scratches all itches. I love how our adaptogen blend balances out the effects of the coffee and leaves me with zero crash.

Cacao Noir

This is mostly a taste-driven decision—if I want something a bit more indulgent, soothing, and slightly sweet, Cacao Noir is what’s in my cup.


My Afternoon Go-Tos

Matcha Cloud

Okay, yeah, it makes the list twice just because it’s so. damn. good!! If I didn’t have it in the morning, or if I want a little boost to finish off the day, it’s Matcha Cloud, baby.

Super Happy Sunshine

My secret favorite child (shhhhh), Super Happy Sunshine, is a perfect no-caffeine pick-me-up that just gives me that “it’s a good day” feeling—it’s a perfect 3 pm mood boost. And it’s particularly good when I’m feeling a little bummed out and just need a li’l inner sunshine.

Classic Herbal Roast

If I feel like I want the taste of coffee—sometimes you just want that dark, rich, roasty-ness—but don’t want to #%$& with my sleep, I go for Classic Herbal Roast. It literally feels like a hug on the inside to me.


My Evening Go-Tos


Calm is my bedtime BFF. It helps me fall asleep faster, stay asleep better, and I just love the taste, especially with a little honey. Pro-tip: make it with less water if you’re drinking it within an hour of bedtime so you’re less likely to have to wake up to pee in the night. I do 1 tbsp of Calm for 4-6 oz of water and then add milk and honey.

Magnificent Mushrooms Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate is another great cozy bedtime vibe. This one tends to cycle in more on cloudy or rainy evenings. And yes, I do often add whipped cream.

Golden Chai

I love how our Golden Chai is so soothing and rich. It’s a great nighttime drink because it emphasizes more of the recovery herbs instead of the energizing herbs, so it doesn’t affect my sleep (if you’re very sensitive, though, I’d go with Calm!). I also love this blend when I’ve been working out and am a sore li’l pup.


My Anytime Go-Tos

When I or my kids or every freaking person around me is sick: Elderberry Protect + Magnificent Mushrooms —a (sick)-killer combo!

When I’ve been outside all day long and need a mega-quencher: Raspberry Hibiscus Hydration 

When I’m feeling frisky—or want to be: Spicy Rose Cacao


So, that’s how I get through (a lot of) my days with Rasa. You might think we made all these Rasa’s because I just want to drink all of them all the time, and I suppose you'd be right (JK, JK), but not really...We made them because everyone deserves to live a long, full life and have a beautiful, powerful relationship with their own energy.

These adaptogens and mushrooms are one of the best ways I know of to do that, and we wanted you to have options for every kind of day you might have.

Keep calm and Rasa on!