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Golden Chai

Move over, Pumpkin Spice Latte! Our newest seasonal blend, Golden Chai is packed with over 1400mg of adaptogenic wellbeing & delight for all the ways you move through life. Supremely bioavailable turmeric extract hums harmony in the background as a symphony of chai spices and vanilla soothe & invigorate both your tongue and your (perhaps world-weary) soul. It's Limited Edition, which means that when we sell out, we sell out!
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Chicory*, Burdock*, Saigon Cinnamon*, Roasted Date Seed, Shatavari*, Codonopsis*, Ginger*, Dandelion*, Eleuthero*, Turmeric Extract (BCM-95®), Cardamom*, Vanilla*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*, Boswellia Extract (AquaLOX®), <1% maltodextrin & gum acacia

Move over, PSL! Presenting our TWO most-requested blends combined into one deliciously warming, distinctly soothing, pumpkin spice quenching, Limited Edition

Golden Chai

Life has been a RIDE for so many of us lately, and we wanted to offer something that could help us all with recovery, and be an antidote to the "too-muchness" that is rampant in our lives these days!

Turmeric, Boswellia, & Vanilla Chai...Oh My!

Golden Chai feels alive, it's so vital and vibrant in the mouth. It's warming without being spicy, with sweet notes of Saigon cinnamon prevailing over a soothing, complex blend of chai spices, rounded out with soft Indian bourbon vanilla and some je nais se quois from exquisite, exotic Boswellia that makes you keep wanting more if only to understand this delicious taste better. The warming heat of Golden Chai warms your throat and heart in a gentle, soothing way.

Drink Golden...

...for inflammatory support after any kind of exercise—hike, yoga, CrossFit, however you do!

...for a soothing moment of calm-before-the-chaos in the morning

...for an evening moment of Zen (pro-tip, Golden is DELISH with Rasa Calm!)


What Makes It Magic?

Well, herbs, of course! (We are Rasa, after all. 😉) And also a lot of love—check out our Formulation Story below!


Turmeric (BCM-95®) 300 mg Standardized to 45% curcuminoids, plus the essential oils with a focus on ar-turmerone
The world's most researched and bioavailable turmeric extract, with over 70 published studies, including many human clinical trials. Research shows that blending the natural essential oils of turmeric back into the extract is a powerful reunion of plant chemistry that makes our extract 7 times more bio-available than standard turmeric/black pepper extract combinations frequently seen on the market. BCM-95® is a registered exclusive licensed trademark to Arjuna Natural Pvt. Ltd.

Boswellia (Aqualox®) 15 mg Standardized to 80% AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid)
Boswellia, aka frankincense, has been treasured for at least 5000 years. While you may think of frankincense as mainly a smoke incense or essential oil, it's also a traditional medicine of the many cultures that live near the tree's native range. We included it for its ability to support healthy bone, joint, and muscle health, as well as a healthy response to inflammation associated with an active lifestyle. This extract has been the subject of 13 pre-clinical studies and 2 human clinical trials. AquaLOX® is a registered trademark of PLT Health Solutions-Laila Nutraceuticals LLC.

Saigon Cinnamon
Cinnamon is more than just a delectable spice adding sweetness and intensity to our Golden Chai. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants, it deserves its place next to turmeric & boswellia for its ability to support recovery and healthy balance in our bodies. We chose Saigon because the wild trees of Vietnam have the highest concentration of cinnamaldehyde, which gives cinnamon its spicy and sweet flavor and is thought to be responsible for many of the benefits of cinnamon.

The Formulation Story

You, my friend, are a reader! 😃 Here's the scoop on how Golden came to be...

After receiving SO many requests for a chai, and perhaps even more requests for a turmeric Rasa—and seeing so many of you add turmeric to your Rasa already!—we knew that a Golden Chai would be a crowd-sourced crowd favorite.

Chief Herbalist & Resident Herb Nerd Ben knew that not all turmeric is created equal, and that bioavailability is king when it comes to reaping turmeric's anti-inflammatory benefits. He set out to find the world's most bioavailable turmeric, and within a few months of asking everyone he knows (& he knows a lot of herb folk!), found what we believe to be the world's most bioavailable turmeric (much more on this in an email from Ben coming soon!)—7x more bioavailable than the extract combination of turmeric + black pepper so often found on the market.

Ben set to work formulating this blend and had the Rasa team taste over a dozen (which maybe you spied on our Instagram Stories!) of the 50 formulations he cycled through to get the spice combination just-right.

Soon, the team was requesting "Golden for my personal stash" and every time someone asked, Ben would say, "Get in line!" (FTR, I believe Veronica gets the first personal stash available as she has asked the most frequently and pleadingly 😛)

Ingredient Statement: Chicory*, Burdock*, Saigon Cinnamon*, Roasted Date Seed, Shatavari*, Codonopsis*, Ginger*, Dandelion*, Eleuthero*, Turmeric Extract (BCM-95®), Cardamom*, Vanilla*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*, Boswellia Extract (AquaLOX®), <1% maltodextrin & gum acacia

Notice: Not intended for use during pregnancy. Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are nursing, taking any medications, or have a medical condition.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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United States
Love this blend so much!

I've been really loving this. Next to BOLD, it's my favorite!

Sabrina G.
United States United States
This stuff is amazing!

This is by far my favorite Rasa. The chai flavor is incredible, it’s rich and robust. I drink a cup after mountain biking and sleep great!

Erica R.
United States United States

Please make this a regular offering!!! I absolutely adore it and have been drinking it daily! It’s just perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!

Emilie R.
United States United States
Worth the wait!

I've been hoping for a few years that Rasa would come out with a Chai blend. It's so delicious and worth the wait. Hoping it becomes a regular appearance and not only a special edition blend.

Casey A.
United States United States

the golden chai exceeded my expectations. the taste is incredible and i definitely felt an ease in my muscle soreness and the series of headaches i’d been having. i can only pray that it sticks around because it would definitely be my go-to post yoga and post workout recovery drink of choice.

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