What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost?

What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost?

elderberry immune tonic

What the heck’s in Elderberry Boost? Learn more about this incredible blend:

Elderberry Boost is a full-bodied blend to build & maintain a resilient, adaptive immune system. This blend supports the many pathways through which immunity protects us; a potent mix of circulatory stimulants* and aromatics complete this powerful tonic. When Rasa’s Clinical Herbalist, Ben LeVine, created this blend, he asked himself this question:

“If I was only going to take one supplement this winter, what herbs would be essential? What herbs would support me and my immune system comprehensively from the most angles?”

Also, he wanted it to taste like a gorgeous Turkish coffee (thus, he added cardamom, which, along with sassy ginger, acts as a circulatory stimulant).

Check out our ingredients list and why each of these herbs is incredible this coming season...

elderberry immunity boost


Elderberry 10:1 extract, 650 mg

This deep purple berry has long been celebrated during cold winter months. And for good reason— its immunomodulating properties make elderberry a useful and tasty ally to support you during the winter. Powerful polyphenols and polysaccharides provide a well-rounded, multi-targeted approach to healthy immunity.

Echinacea 10:1 extract, 200 mg

Echinacea is one of the most recognized immune-support herbs on the planet. If taken early and consistently this herb helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Turkey Tail 8:1 extract, 125 mg

Introducing the most extensively researched mushroom of all the medicinal mushrooms! Beta glucans, a type of polysaccharide found in high concentrations in this colorful fungi, are known immunomodulators that can help balance and strengthen our immune system.

elderberry immunity tonic rasa


A Chinese lung and immune tonic, astragalus is said to increase the Wei Qi, our surface energy. This is seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a kind of fortifying shield, helping to increase our resistance. In modern parlance, the herb is often classified as an immune-strengthening adaptogen, which makes sense given that it is so often used to increase our resilience in the face of challenge.


Warming and spicy, Ginger is an excellent circulatory stimulant and diaphoretic that helps to move stuck and stagnant energy. This traditional powerhouse adds fire to the blend.


The lymph is considered the ‘other circulatory system’ and is essential for our immune response. Calendula can gently help stimulate lymphatic flow and supports this lymphatic-immune connection. In addition, calendula’s bright yellow flowers add beauty to the blend and remind us that somewhere in the world, the sun is shining bright.