What do boundaries have to do with immunity? Everything.

What do boundaries have to do with immunity? Everything.

Ben Levine Clinical Herbalist Immunity

Dear Rasa Fam,

I’m exhausted. Every autumn. This year especially.

The exuberance of summer catches up with me and I crave space for integration, stillness, and nourishment. I suspect this feeling is common to many of us, but sadly our culture too often only rewards our productive side. The side that is ON. Not the side that needs OFF.

When we look to plants, we see a healthier and more complete cycle.

As the showy displays of summer wildflowers fade and the berries of fall are harvested, the energy of plants starts traveling downwards, returning to the roots. Energy is no longer necessary above ground. Instead, the life force consolidates below ground in order to stay strong and survive a long winter.

How do we align ourselves with this way of thinking? How do we transition into the winter season in a way that feeds our roots and makes us strong?


This is the time of year when I realize I need better boundaries. I’m over-extended socially, I’m depleted at work, my inspiration is running low. It’s time to go below ground and reconnect with my core.

Immunity is a particularly important expression of boundaries.

It is the physical interface between what’s in here and what’s out there; what’s me and what’s not me. If we want to remain centered and strong this winter, a resilient immune system is key.

If we look to plants again, we see that medicinal roots are most potent in the late fall when the energy has moved downwards; and some of the berries that ripen at this time are among the premier immune tonics we have.

With that in mind, we developed a new blend to strengthen, ground, and move us through this coming season with grace and inspiration.

More soon.

In well-boundaried resilience,
Ben, Clinical Herbalist & Co-Founder of Rasa