Military Service Members Discount


Thank you for your service, friend.

As a business, we're acutely aware of how certain holidays have become commodified and have strayed from what some might consider their original intent. Which brings us to Memorial Day. 
We are very grateful for the sacrifices of time, energy, and lives of military service people throughout time. And we believe that this holiday should be about honoring that dedication—that gift of service.

So often, the toll that that service can have causes enormous amounts of stress.

(As luck would have it, Rasa is fantastic for your nervous system.)
So, whether you still drink coffee or not, if you need something to help calm your nerves, or help you chill out at the end of a long day, we've got a blend for you.

Today, military service people take 20% off our entire site.

And thank you so much for all you have done, and continue to do for our country. We truly appreciate you.