We’re passionate about changing the way people energize.

Coffee is wonderful. And, it’s an external source of energy that can be taxing to your adrenals and nervous system in the long run.

How it All Started

Rasa Was Born

What Gets Us Up in the Morning

Well, besides the Rasa, that sure helps!
At Rasa, there are three main cylinders in our engine:

1. Adaptogens

We believe adaptogens are Nature’s antidote to the stressors of modern life. It’s no wonder they’re trending—adaptogens are exactly what most of us need! We’re committed to sharing these incredible herbs with the world in the most accessible way possible.

2. Energizing from Within

We believe in energizing from within, and to do that we are disrupting one of the world’s favorite pastimes by making our relationship to coffee a little less dependent and a little more nourishing. We love coffee, but it can actually be quite draining. With the right additions and substitutions, this time-honored ritual will be majorly upgraded in your life.

3. Sustainability

We operate every aspect of our business in the most sustainable, honest, transparent, conscious, high-integrity way we can. We want to do well by you, our planet, the herbs we use, the workers who harvest them, and each other. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Sustainability: Our Herbs



Adaptogens are Nature’s antidote to stress. These herbs live in harsh conditions around the world, meaning they have not only learned how to be resilient in the face of stress but these badass mofos actually thrive in stressful environments.

To be characterized as as adaptogen, an herb must meet these 3 criteria:

It must be safe in normal therapeutic dosesIt must help your body holistically resist a wide variety of stressorsIt must have a normalizing effect on overall body function, helping your body to maintain homeostasis (read: balance, baby!)

Energizing from Within with Adaptogens

Adaptogens help you to freak out slower (& less intensely!), and recover faster in response to stress…all while increasing stress resilience overall.

These amazing superherbs work through both your hormonal and nervous systems to help your body cope with stress more effectively. This “multiple-pathway action” is known as “network pharmacology,” and is the opposite of pharmaceutical drugs, which are “one drug, one action.”

This is why we have a goal to get more adaptogens into more people by adding them to their go-to stress relievers. They help take it one step further, from just stress relief to true nourishment.

So go ahead, take a moment for yourself…have some Rasa and remember, we got you.

To sum it all up simply: Take Adaptogens Regularly