Naturally Caffeine-Free Herbal Coffee Alternatives

made with organic & obsessively sustainable adaptogens and mushrooms

Naturally caffeine-free herbal coffee alternative, for when you need extra strength against stress. Herbalist-formulated to combine the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese, & Western herbalism to create a nourishing coffee alternative that holistically supports your health and energy.

Packed full of adaptogens: superherbs that help you be less of a stress-case and provide vital calm energy all day.

What does it taste like? We say: dark, rich, & robust. Earthy, a little nutty, slightly sweet with a hint of cinnamon. A little bitter, like coffee, and has a depth of mouthfeel like coffee.

Stacy from NJ says: "Earthy. Comforting. Like the beverage equivalent of wearing your favorite sweatshirt right out of the dryer. It does not taste like coffee, and it does not taste like tea, so when you are ready to enjoy it, get those things out of your head and just enjoy something new."

Like coffee, most people prefer Rasa with something creamy. Delish hot or cold, Bulletproofed, or brewed with coffee.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We think you're going to love Rasa. But if you don't? Send it back for 100% of your money back. All you have to do is ask nicely.

Revitalize your Self

You feel depleted. 😐 Harried. Spread thin. Too much to do and not enough time to do it in—even just around your house, let alone the pressures of Being The Change in a world that SERIOUSLY needs it.

It all leads to a constant feeling of too-much-ness. Overwhelmed-anxiety gives way to plop-on-the-couch exhaustion when the day nears its end. Energy for sex or self-care? Not so much.

As a result, you're not showing up as your best self.

You think it's because you're just taking on too much. Some might say you care too much (you think: "how is that even possible?!") You rally against "The system," which is not designed to holistically support us. And, you know you need to put yourself first more.

You're not wrong. And, there's a deeper layer to what's going on. It's not just about The's about YOUR system...

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* Sourcing a high-integrity, sustainable product with 12 herbs from 7 countries with stringent standards for ethics, respect for culture, herbal integrity, purity, quality, potency, and with an adherence to both science and herbal not cheap. Therefore, it's rare we discount 20%. So while we're not into the "get it now now now or the deal goes away!" thing, we also want you to know we don't just throw around discounts like this willy-nilly.

Like Coffee... But Better 🙂

Rasa can be added to your life as simply as brewing a morning beverage. You can drink it instead of or in addition to coffee, however you do. Freeing the full spectrum of your energy is about finding the right balance for you, and not following what anyone else suggests is right for you.

Brew in a French press, Moka pot, percolator, espresso machine, or Keurig. A simple tea strainer also works just fine—all you need is boiling water, a covered vessel, and a way to strain the herbs.


Our bodies are not yet equipped for the constant onslaught of stimuli and information of modern life. Technology has brought us constant reasons to be "on" and ready for the next notification, the next opportunity to give or care, the next chance for a smile, inspiration, or connection...or, the next chance for stress, anxiety, heartbreak, and concern.

Technology has progressed faster than our evolutionary biology could possibly catch up with.

This constant vigilance, paired with the increased demands of modern society, equates to a constant low level of stress. This constant stress puts unsustainable strain on your adrenals and nervous system—which in turn suppresses your immune system, and makes your energy levels unreliable.

Your systems are overtaxed and under-regulated.

But instead of having to address each symptom of each overloaded system, there's a master system that underlies and controls them all: the neuroendocrine system. Comprised of your nervous system and your endocrine system, the neuroendocrine system directly manages every system of the body.

It's the System of the Self.

Because without balance in this foundational structure of your being, you cannot possibly be your true, best self. When you're depleted from constant chronic stress, you're operating primarily from the fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system and are missing out on the higher-level executive brain function that allows you to access your inherent wisdom and full potential.

The state of your neuroendocrine system dictates which parts of your self you are able to show up with.

By resourcing your neuroendocrine system, you nourish every single other system of your body—and, your ability to adapt to the demands of modern life and have greater access to your true Self.

How do you do this? Aside from a complete lifestyle overhaul (which, if you're ready for, we salute you!), you can also recalibrate and replenish your neuroendocrine system with the help of a class of herbs known as adaptogens.

Adaptogens & The System of the Self

Your body is masterfully designed for adaptation, but as noted above, the rapidly changing context of modern life is more than our bodies have been able to evolve to adapt to.

Sometimes, we need a little help.

Adaptogens are herbs that help your body adapt to stress.
To be classified as an adaptogen, an herb must meet "The 4 N's":

1. Non-toxic: they must be completely non-toxic in normal therapeutic doses

2. Non-specific: they must produce a non-specific (aka holistic, systemic) state of resistance to physical, emotional, or environmental stress

3. Normalizing: they must have a normalizing effect, helping restore normal physiologic function that has been altered by chronic stress

4. Neuroendocrine: they must have an impact on the neuroendocrine system, specifically via HPA Axis (Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis) or SAS (SympathoAdrenal System) regulation.

The HPA Axis modulates the stress response via the adrenals (endocrine system), & the SAS modulates stress via neurotransmitters (nervous system).

Think of it like this: if the whole neuroendocrine system is the map, the HPA & SAS are the routing system that determine if you take the trafficked route, or if you manually select "avoid highways" and take the scenic route.

Adaptogens tonify the HPA & SAS, increasing your ability to handle stress with grace, and balancing your neuroendocrine system. Taken regularly, your body spends less energy dealing with stress and so has more energy to meet the demands of life.

The result? You have more consistent access to your vital, true Self.

With the right balance of these superherbs on a daily basis, you can lean on the support that nature has given us and help yourself adapt to the inherent imbalances of modern living.

This is what Rasa was specifically designed for: to help balance and replenish the System of the Self so that you have access to more of yourself. Because, quite frankly, the world needs your full Self more than ever, and we can't have you caught up in petty BS.

All the Rasa blends were meticulously formulated by a clinical herbalist, with the most comprehensive and sustainable blends of these prized herbs available on the market today. (#notsohumblebrag).

Drinking Rasa daily restores balance to your neuroendocrine system and replenishes your reserves so you have access to your full potential.

Full Spectrum Energy for Life

When you get out of constant fight-or-flight, your body begins to normalize, and over time, your energy levels stabilize. You start to feel vital. Vibrant. Juiced up. Excited about life again.

It's at that point that you start to realize that energy is not an on-off switch that you just have to pray stays "on" all the time...the full spectrum of your energy potential is released, so you can appropriately respond (instead of react) to what you choose to show up for in life.

Your best self can make a much more regular appearance—vibrant, sensual, embodied, present, resilient—and your attunement to the subtle and the sacred is amplified because you're spending less time and energy stressing about the trivial.


Our products are based on our signature 12-herb formula: featuring 7 adaptogens, 2 mushrooms and 3 herbs for detoxification & digestion.

Each in meticulously-balanced proportions to optimize both benefits and taste. We taste-test every batch of herbs and reformulate based on the strength of each harvest to ensure a robust, complex, balanced flavor in each of our products.


Original Rasa

12 sustainable organic herbs, meticulously formulated to nourish and uplift.

Dirty Rasa

Original blend + Fair Trade coffee from women-owned farms = coffee with a hug for your nervous system.


Cacao Rasa

Our signature adaptogenic formula blended with fair-trade cacao beans for a mood-boosting treat.

Bold Rasa

17 herbs. 7 extracts. Clinically-studied effective doses for performance, cognition and flow.

Revitalize your Self

with a daily ritual of Rasa, a perfectly balanced blend of organic and obsessively sustainable herbs & adaptogens.

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* Sourcing a high-integrity, sustainable product with 12 herbs from 7 countries with stringent standards for ethics, respect for culture, herbal integrity, purity, quality, and potency, with an adherence to both science and herbal not cheap. Therefore, it's rare we discount 20%. So while we're not into the "get it now now now or the deal goes away!" thing, we want you to know that we don't just throw around discounts like this willy-nilly.

What People Are Saying

"I love Rasa and I'm NEVER going back to coffee or caffeine! I'm calm cool and collected–My emotions are more in check. I'm sleeping WELL again. I cannot give this enough praise. Some days I mix the Cacao and Original together, some days I just have Original. I always rebrew and drink all day long. Rasa is a magical unicorn. 🦄"

Alison Huggins

"Normally I’m too lazy to write reviews, but I have to make an exception for Rasa because it’s SO GOOD. The Original is too earthy/mushroom-y for my tastebuds, but the Cacao and Dirty are delicious. Both are mild and slightly sweet. I was slightly skeptical that I could ever replace my beloved coffee, but if anything can do it, it’s Rasa. It’s got great flavor, and French press brewing helps maintain that “morning coffee ritual” experience."


"This actually turned me into an energy goddessI won’t speak on my first week on Rasa. I have been drinking 4+ cups of coffee a day for years and quit cold-turkey; so my type A, all-or-nothing personality and I were straight up not having a good time.BUT. THEN. The clouds parted, a rainbow unfurled before me, and a unicorn trotted down and gently kissed me on the nose. Maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that, but you guys! I took my three kids to the park yesterday, we played tag for an hour and THEY were tuckered out and ready to head home. Not me!I’m a realist, I don’t think there’s a magic pill (or beverage) that will suddenly make you happier/smarter/more beautiful or whatever, but I would be lying if I said Rasa hasn’t changed my life. Things aren’t suddenly perfect, but I feel SO MUCH more prepared and capable to face whatever the day throws at me."