A Small Gift of Gratitude from Us to You

A Small Gift of Gratitude from Us to You

While we’re not super into the whole “celebrating the violent colonization of America with turkeys and cranberries” thing... we do have a penchant for feasts, and family, and gratitude (and of course, ahem, introducing your loved ones to Rasa by brewing up a press and pouring the love!).

And while we’re consciously engaging our gratitude muscle (something we could all do a little more, I imagine! And, no shade if gratitude just isn’t accessible. Gratitude-shaming kinda defeats the purpose, right?)...we’re feeling all warm and fuzzy about you for making Rasa possible.

As a small token of our thanks, our founder & CEO Lopa recorded her favorite vagal toning exercise, a profound tool for regulating your nervous system...because the holidays are also stressful and this is a 2-minute tool (with a 3-min video bc #explanation) that can bring you back to your best. Do it while your Rasa brews and... chef’s kiss for your nervous system! 👩‍🍳 🤌 😘

This is a practice you can do several times a day if you want; it’s a great tool for any time you’re feeling stressed.



Your nervous system will thank you!


Curious about the vagus nerve, or why this exercise works? Check out this video for a deeper dive - fast forward to minute 34: instagram.com/tv/CAtcjk0JiPY