What if you actually rested?  A Love Letter from Lopa

What if you actually rested? A Love Letter from Lopa

Hey Rasa-loves,

Modern life isn’t kind to our nervous systems. The constant techno-connectivity, the hitching of our worth to our productivity, the general lack of in-person communal support (made even worse by that little jerkytits COVID)...the overwhelm of having to eat a vegetable at least once a day AND pay your bills AND make sure your kids are whole healthy little humans?

...and that’s not even counting the navigation of poverty, racism, homophobia, ageism, ableism and countless other deep and systemic stressors…
It’s a lot. It’s definitely too much for what our primal, communal selves are really built to do. No wonder why we all suffer from stress and sleep issues.

Rasa’s about to launch an amazing new blend to help with this cycle of too-muchness, but I’ll be honest: no product is going to completely stop the societal tsunami of human-productivity-unit extraction.

Products are just tools in your toolkit. And we do our best to make the best damned product out there (seriously, we are obsessive about it) to help you navigate the chaos of modern existence.

This isn’t just a business for us: this is our offering to the world in service of our collective health and healing.

Rasa helps you bring it down a notch, everyday, so that slowly, over time, you can listen to the innate wisdom of your body.

And when you can listen to that wisdom, you can remember who you are.

That Truest Self that exists deep down, beneath the noise of “Have To’s” and “Must Do’s” and hurtful internalized beliefs that were never even yours to begin with.

And as you reclaim that Truest Self, you simultaneously reclaim your energy as yours.

Folx rocking around with reclaimed energy, doing what their Truest Self yearns to do? Serving humanity the way they most desire to serve? That’s profound.

That’s potentially world changing. And, it’s within our power.

Every day at 2PM, our team has the option to do a “Rasa moment.” It’s a way for our team to connect to our Truest Selves and each other. In celebration of this upcoming launch (which, omg, SO excited for BTW!), I’ve recorded one for you, too.

Check it out below and stay tuned for our newest blend...I seriously cannot wait for you to try it.

With love & calm & deep breaths,