"Sh*t is no joke" Rasa Moms on Motherhood

"Sh*t is no joke" Rasa Moms on Motherhood

We asked some of our team about the journey from “holy crap, I’m pregnant” to life as a grandmum.

Motherhood can be complex, joyful, difficult, and full of unsung moments...and that's just before your morning cup of Rasa! Here's a glimpse at Veronica's (our head manager of Customer Care) and Defne's (our marketing extraordinaire) funny and honest thoughts on motherhood.

Customer Care Manager Veronica (in teal!) with her kids & grandkids. 💛

If you could know one thing before you got pregnant and/or had kids that you didn't already know, what would it be?

Veronica: There are no rules and no books that actually prepare you correctly. The easiest recommendation is to take every day as it comes, listen to your body/their body's and GET REST before the baby arrives—there is no rest after that. Small kid small problems = big kid big problems.

Also, my instinct response to this question is: "Payback is a bitch" everything you ever accused your parents of as a kid—get ready to duplicate those issues without even realizing it.

Defne: Your relationship with everything and everyone changes. Your friends, your parents, yourself, your sleep…best thing you can do (aside from maybe finding a partner that respects you) is learn all you can about raising a kid, and avoid getting caught up in the pregnancy dos & dont's.

What's the most overlooked part of motherhood?

Veronica: It's the little things—like mispronouncing things (my grandaughter and grandson both call a wasp a "waps") we live in a world of technology, record as much as you can—these moments are fleeting and the next thing they are all growed up. 😭

As a single mom to two kids most of their lives, I learned early, sometimes it's these little things that drive your world. I made it a rule very early in life, that Mother's Day is not about buying me something but rather something from the heart. So my kids would get creative and 'make' stuff for me. This would result in some really amazing cards, photo sessions, etc., it's always meant so much to me.

Also, they grow up, and your relationships change. I stopped "telling" my girls what to do, and learned to offer only my opinion, and to not take it personally if they chose differently. It's really hard to let go, but it's extremely rewarding as it causes less upsets and more open communication.

Defne: Your babe basically becomes the best friend you've always wanted. And it is amazing! But also, ordinary tasks like showering, grocery shopping...taking a poop in peace, become labeled as self-care and "free/me time". No one talks about it, but unless you have full time help, motherhood is 24/7. 

What do you wish everyone knew about moms & motherhood?

Veronica: You make wrong choices sometimes, and it's ok. No two people are the same and what works for one may not work for the other. It's said that it gets easier, but it doesn't, your acceptance level changes, and so do theirs. Trust your instinct. Be open to being in a position of not knowing it all. It's ok to be a friend sometimes, but a mother at other times. Communication is the best way to resolve anything, just make sure it's not just you doing the talking, its really worth it to listen as well.

Defne: Sh*t is no joke. It is the hardest job you will ever take on. I don’t understand how moms have made it this far. Probably because it is the most miraculous love you will ever feel in your life. And you get to experience it every. single. day.

If your baby/ies could have been any astrological sign, what would you choose?

Veronica: Jolee is an Aries, I can't imagine her as anything else, relentless determination is spelled J-O-L-E-E. She's my Summer.

Santana is Leo, my winter, and she definitely is warm and charismatic. I was blessed with them both, as a Scorpio, I constantly face myself in my girls. Would not change it for the world.

Defne: I LOVE that my little one is a Gemini. I know it will probably be a crazy ride, but I figure it will be good crazy, ya know?😜