Customer Spotlight: Maggie Battista

Customer Spotlight: Maggie Battista

I’ve had a complex relationship with caffeine since childhood. Good coffee was a daily reason to gather in my Honduran-Italian family. When memories are intertwined with strong scents and tastes, they stick for decades.

Seven years ago, to further understand my relationship with nourishment, I went on an elimination diet, including a vigorous interrogation of stimulants, like caffeine. And vigorous means, two tough weeks where I stuffed every fat (olives! avocados! nuts!) into my mouth to distract from the withdrawal headaches. But, on the other side, there was clarity.

My heart raced far less, my anxiety was less pinged. Eventually, my mornings were filled with an optimism roused by my soul and not the hard stuff (coffee). I even began greeting the day with a whisper of, “Good morning, sunshine!”

That greeting initiated a new kind of connection with my true nature. I removed other stimulants and went further inward, so much so that I reconnected to my gifts and launched a new business.

Is releasing caffeine responsible for this magical shift? Only partially. A couple years back, I introduced Rasa to my mornings. The clarity surfaced a new kind of inner wisdom, one that helped me see that taking care of my body was key to my expansion and growth.

And now, amidst the worries of the world, my inner wisdom centers me. I sink into a cup of Rasa Cacao before meditation and I settle into my soul, becoming my own kind of sunshine.

Now, I’m a storyteller, not a doctor. I do not advise releasing caffeine suddenly. I do, however, embrace taking whatever path feels good to get closer to the wisdom within.

Maggie Battista is a writer, storyteller and intuitive at We Are Magic Studio.