Elderberry Bear: Our Autumnal Playlist

Elderberry Bear: Our Autumnal Playlist

Marie Sioux Native American Musician

Rasa’s Autumnal playlist is Called Elderberry Bear — a nod to the themes of our Elderberry Boost launch, and the way the herb shows up as a magical force in folklore, fairytales, and ancient herbal wisdom.

Pictured here is Mariee Sioux, whose song “Buried in Teeth”, features second on our playlist. An abstract storyteller, Mariee Sioux is of Indigenous and Polish Hungarian ancestry whose voice sings of the natural world & the trials of humanity. Her hauntingly sweet voice spins a spell of longing and comfort and was perfect for this arrangement of jams.

Much like Rasa’s blend Elderberry Boost, Elderberry Bear invites us to attune to the season of wind-swept leaves and cold nights of bright stars—to slow down and cozy up...or honor the exhilaration of the fresh energy that Autumn brings.

The folky, root-y, tribal (and by “tribal” we mean the genre of music + the celebration of voices honoring traditional sounds from all over the globe) playlist pays homage to ancestral wisdom, fairytales, boundaries, protection and community care—all central themes of Elderberry Boost and the legacy of this potent, protective, and all around bad-ass immune ally.

A peek into the playlist…

Tusk by Fleetwood Mac invites us to stomp around and reclaim our space

Three Sisters by Beats Antique seduces us into listening to our sensual, alive bodies

African Journey by Anugama & Sebastiano resonates the bell of inner joy & embrace of change

Citadella by Yaima is a portrait of grace and touches into a timeless, etheric beauty

Listen now: