Living our Values Amidst a Global Crisis

Living our Values Amidst a Global Crisis


We recognize that things do not feel normal right now, and, in many instances, they may not feel safe. We want you to know that our values are and will remain to be focused on keeping your health and well-being at the forefront of our products, processes, and policies––at this time and for all time.

Please know that how we do things will not change, other than to safeguard equally our customers and employees. As we navigate a new normal, we will continue to operate Rasa with passion, caring, ownership and emotional intelligence, while pushing the envelope to offer the most effective formulas made from the highest quality herbs that we can find, with the most sustainable sourcing and packaging possible.

With 💛, Lopa + Team Rasa

Living Our Values

Passion - We double down on our emphatic belief that the natural world is our greatest support, and herbs—even more so now—are key gateways to resilience, vitality, and calm amidst the storm. When life feels uncertain and like we’re all standing on shaky ground, our herbs are our compass and our mission to help people reclaim vitality and source sustainable energy within is our map.

Caring - We are an empathy-driven business, and never is that more relevant than now, when the majority of the population is scared and navigating completely uncharted territory. The world needs our compassion. We love on our customers. We take seriously the potential to spread joy and care in every single customer interaction.

Emotional Intelligence - We allow our feelings, however they arise. We name them. We let them be, and we vulnerably share them with our audience. However, we also don’t allow the downward spiral into endless fear and anxiety. We recognize when we’re getting stuck in our head and take a break, do something to nourish ourselves and get back into the present moment and our bodily wisdom. And then we face the situation anew: with response instead of reaction.

Ownership - We step up to our responsibilities, and perhaps never in our lives have we all been more responsible to each other. We hold this as a sacred duty of loving service and take utmost care to protect our team, our community, and all humans. We also own our role in uplifting spirits, alleviating stress, and nourishing vital energy through our ethical and sustainable stewardship of herbs. Lastly, we take precaution and care to protect our business—from supply chain to team health and beyond—during this challenging time so we can continue to bring these resources to the world, for the long haul.

Pushing the Envelope - We do more. Give more. Be creative. Offer humor and levity, with sensitivity and grace. We innovate: we’re bold, unique, and rare. When the going gets tough—and it will—we draw on the other four values to push creative innovation to stay ahead of the curve, when it comes to how we serve our community and how we sustain our business, alike.