Monthly Love Letter - December 2020

Monthly Love Letter - December 2020

The Ways We’re Experiencing Joy:
Your Curated Monthly Love Letter from the Rasa Casa

So, 2020. The year that’s destined to be an adjective—in a few years, you’ll be describing a situation that got totally out of hand and you’ll say “man, it was SO 2020.” or “She went full 2020 on that salad bar” or “Did you hear that new N’ Sync revival album? Complete 2020.” This month, we’ve rolled up some super-feel-good happies to help you roll through the remainder of the longest year in history!

The bright spot in Rasa’s 2020? You. 

Thank you for being part of our community, for all of your feedback, and all of your love letters. You are the reason we keep going, and we’re so excited to keep inspiring, thrilling, and connecting with you!

Here’s what’s bringing us JOY during this weird & singular holiday season: 

This will make you LAUGHIn honor of all the family time (or in lieu of it) Schitt’s Creek father & son get together for some giggles.

This will make you go AWWWGoldendoodle Samson and his baby brother might be the cutest thing you’ve seen all year.


This will make you MARVEL. Frozen halo of light (magic) captured in Boulder, Colorado. 

This will tug at your HEARTAustralian neighbors band together to turn their backyards into (adorable) Koala sanctuaries.

This will make you HOPE. The Dyson Prize went to Philippines-based Carvey Maigue who converted old (rottinginthebackofyourfride) veg into solar panels!

This will make you DANCEShake up the energy and get moving! Our Super Happy Playlist won’t disappoint. 

This will EXCITE your taste buds. Yummy, Rasa-infused, chocolatey winter cookie goodness.