On foundational health, exercise, & Golden Chai

On foundational health, exercise, & Golden Chai

After 30+ years of being active, I recently came to the realization that I've been approaching exercise the wrong way. I specialized before truly building a foundation. I'm a good runner and a decent climber, but as a general human I'm not flexible, I frequently have back & neck kinks, my core is weak, and my balance is laughable. And I'm often very stiff.

I stumbled across Ido Portal a few months ago and started training with his students at Colorado's Ape Co. Instead of training for a 5.12 climbing route or a cross-country marathon, my new goals now are much more basic: complex movement, mobility, strength.

We can think in similar terms when it comes to Rasa. Why does Rasa exist? Because we wanted adaptogens in our lives everyday. There's a foundation of phytochemistry that we're trying to re-establish—a daily (and ancient) practice of plant consumption that leads to a wide range of general benefits like boosted immunity, sleep, mood, and digestion.

We have both foundational blends and speciality blends at Rasa. When I started formulating Golden Chai, I had more of a specialty blend in mind. Our Elderberry blend is an excellent immune tonic for the winter months. Spicy Rose Cacao is for the bedroom. Golden was intended to support a healthy response to inflammation after strenuous exercise. But what I'm now realizing is that Golden is so much more foundational than I thought. Inflammation, joint mobility, ease of movement, spine health—this is everything when it comes to general health and longevity! And I want this type of herbal support everyday.

My hope is that we drink Rasa daily, build a foundation of phytochemistry, move more, and start to learn how to be healthier humans.

Love, Ben