Rasa Becomes A Public Benefit Corporation

Rasa Becomes A Public Benefit Corporation

Drumroll please...We’re now a Public Benefit Corporation! 

We’re so excited to put this legal stake in the ground, further substantiating our commitment to being a mission-driven business.

What the heck is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC)?

To better understand PBC, first it helps to understand the legal implications of being a standard corporation. The kinda screwed up thing is, corporations are legally obligated to do everything possible to improve profits. Profit-profit-profit, that’s what it’s all about, and you can get sued about it if you make a decision that compromises profit for say, I dunno, something silly like “the wellbeing of the earth we live on.”

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we are legally and fiduciarily not only allowed but are actually required to prioritize a public benefit that goes beyond “profit for shareholders.”
This Public Benefit needs to be in alignment with our stated mission, which is:
“Sourcing sustainable herbs from traditional growing regions and promoting quality herbal education.”
Like all things in business, that mission is bound to evolve and grow as we do, but we are proud of the impacts we’re making in the herbal industry and excited to share them impacts with you more in the coming weeks and months—stay tuned!

Profit & protecting plants are often in conflict in the herbal industry, so we want to prioritize this type of flexibility. We have several major initiatives in play that we’ll share more about soon, like:
  • spearheading a multi-year, multi-company effort with some widely respected companies to get Fair Wild certification on one of our herbs, which is becoming increasingly at-risk due to popularity
  • supporting one of our suppliers to become certified organic
  • switching from a wildcrafted herb to a sustainably cultivated herb while supporting a nascent market
  • and more!
We are here to transform the way you energize, and set a new standard for sustainable business…with love.
Thanks for being here. We appreciate you more than you could possibly know.

Lopa, Ben, & the Rasa Team