Rasa Bold: all your questions answered!

Rasa Bold: all your questions answered!

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We've compiled your most burning questions into one spot to make things easier. Don't see the answer you're looking for? Drop a comment below and we'll add it to the list.

How is it different from Original?

Our herbalist reviewed dozens of clinical studies on adaptogens to inform the Bold formula. Bold is much more powerfully energizing than Original, but still a very different kind of energy than coffee—more grounded, more focused...and without that sharp edge caffeine can have.

The inclusion of full-spectrum extracts makes Bold much more potent. In fact, because of the extracts, there’s an equivalent of 10.5 grams of adaptogens per serving, as opposed to the ~3.5g in a normal Original serving. Triple the adaptogens, less than double the price.

Original Bold
3500 mg (3.5 g) adaptogens per serving 10,500 mg (10.5 g) adaptogens per serving
Our signature 12 whole-herb formula Our signature formula…
- ashwagandha & reishi
+ cacao
+ extracts of lions mane, cordyceps, eleuthero, rhodiola, schisandra, shilajit, & gynostemma
7 adaptogens 9 adaptogens
Calm energy formula focused equally on nourishment & energy Potent energy formula focused on enhancing performance, cognition, & flow
$.93/serving (8 oz bags) $1.50/serving (8 oz bags)

Who should use Bold?

Bold is for athletes, parents (its own endurance event, amiright?), entrepreneurs, creatives, and anyone looking to enhance .

Is Bold safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We do not recommend Bold for pregnancy.

Breastfeeding: While there are no concerns for use while nursing are in the literature, safety for the herbs in Bold has not been established. We advise waiting until after the 4th trimester (12 weeks after birth) and using your healthcare practitioner’s guidance + mama judgment to make the best choice for you and your baby.

When should I use Bold?

Great for days or weeks where you need to push through, have a big event (or, heh, a global pandemic 😒), got a bad night’s sleep, or just want to hack your flow state, whether that’s finding flow in your work, with your kids, or on the meditation cushion.

Can I drink Bold daily?

While many studies examine adaptogens from an acute dosing strategy (i.e. studying performance after one dose of rhodiola), there are many other 8-12 week studies using similar dosages to the extracts in Bold.

While we do recommend cycling from time to time (like taking a couple weeks off after 3 months of steady usage), because Bold adheres to our commitment to balanced herbal formulations, there are no safety concerns when drinking daily.

If I find that this is too strong, can I cut it with regular rasa?


Why doesn’t Bold have ashwagandha?

On the adaptogen spectrum, ashwagandha is on the more calming side, which is why it wasn’t included in Bold. Ashwagandha will continue to be featured in our other SKUs. If you have a nightshade sensitivity or are following AIP, we have a special AIP version of Original Rasa.

Does Bold have Cacao Rasa as a base?

Cacao Rasa is not the base for Bold. Cacao Rasa is ~50% cacao, whereas Bold only has ~10% cacao-- just enough for a nice flavor note.

Bold Rasa here to stay?


What inspired the creation of the Rasa Bold?

We wanted to create the strongest version of Rasa; give the thrill of caffeine without the caffeine.

Will there be a Bold blend that doesn’t have cacao in it?

No. Bold only has 10% cacao in it.

Is Bold Kosher?

No. Some of the extracts are hot water extracts.

How do you make Bold? Does it have to be a French press?

Brew Bold as you normally would the other Rasa blends. We recommend using a French Press, Percolator, Moka Pot or Espresso Machine. Use 1 tbsp per 8 oz boiling water – that’s about 2 tbsps for a full cup.

Can you give a quick compare/contrast of bold rasa vs original?

More potent, focused on energy & the more stimulating adaptogens, vs. original which is balanced and gentle.

Does Bold have caffeine in it like Dirty?

No (well, just trace amounts (<1 mg) if we’re being technical, because of the 10% cacao)

So Bold is basically for more energy?

It’s much more powerful! We reviewed dozens of clinical studies on adaptogens to develop the formula for Bold—it has clinically-studied effective doses of 7 extracts, including:

  • cordyceps
  • lions mane
  • eleuthero
  • rhodiola
  • schisandra
  • shilajit
  • gynostemma

More powerfully energizing than our other blends, but still a different kind of energy than coffee. It feels grounded, focused but without an edge like caffeine can give.

Can you drink Bold in the afternoon or not recommended?

Yes, give it a try, if it keeps you up only drink it in the morning.

Should I cycle it?

Yes, we should cycle everything. We recommend giving Bold a break for a couple weeks every 3 months or so.

Can I re-brew it?

Yes same as the other blends - just add a little fresh herbs and it’s good to go.

Is Cacao AIP friendly?

Cacao isn’t AIP-compliant during the strict elimination phase, but it is part of the reintroductions.

Is it as healing to your adrenals as Original Rasa?

Absolutely, because there are triple the adaptogens! This one is easier to abuse/use to continue overreaching because it is much more stimulating, so there is a danger there if you are working on adrenal fatigue. But as long as you are taking care of nutrition, sleep, gentle exercise, and healthy relationships, Bold fits well into a balanced protocol for your adrenals. (Assuming it is not overstimulating for you!)