Simple Summer Solstice Ritual

Simple Summer Solstice Ritual

solstice ritual

In Sanskrit, there is a word for the “place between”: sandhi. Sandhi is acknowledged as sacred, and can even be an access point—to higher consciousness, to a broader experience of reality...however you do.

There is a sandhi between breaths. A sandhi between the earth and the sky—the horizon. A sandhi between day and night—dusk and dawn. Even when you enter and leave a room or a house, that’s a sandhi.

Whatever the sandhi, it’s an opportunity to reset, recalibrate, and consciously enter the next moment.

Consciously honoring sandhi can be a complete spiritual practice in its own right.

The Solstice is a sandhi between seasons, and moreover, a sandhi between darkness and light. Today is the day of peak light in our cycle around the sun. And what a cycle this has been! Our worlds have been turned upside down and inside out. In some ways this has been intensely traumatic and incredibly painful. In some ways this has felt like a true turn toward the light of goodness and equity for all.

As we all stand here together in this sandhi, in this moment between the absolute fullness of sunlight and the welcoming of the turn of the season, and the lengthening night, it’s an apt moment to reflect.

Simple Summer Solstice Ritual

For a simple Solstice ritual, brew yourself a cup of your favorite Rasa, light a candle, and sit in a comfortable position. Take a sip of Rasa and feel the herbs guiding you to that deeper place where we’re all inherently one with Nature.

Shift your awareness to contemplating these last 6 months. Let your mind freely travel over what memories naturally arise. Let your body feel the feelings that naturally bubble up.

Ask yourself:

What have I learned from these last few months?
How am I creating a world that reflects these learnings?
What am I letting go of?
Who am I becoming?

Take your time, and write down any key learnings. Put them in a safe place and set yourself a calendar reminder to review them on the Winter Solstice.

It can also be powerful to share publicly your intention for this next cycle. Drop it in the comments, support each other’s intentions, and let’s create a better world, together!