Adapto-*what's*? Your Adaptogens 101

Adapto-*what's*? Your Adaptogens 101

Newsflash: stress is the #1 most Googled health concern. This is a sign of a sick society. We believe that part of why adaptogens are becoming so freakin' trendy is because they are, in fact, medicine for what ails us.

Adaptogens are scientifically proven to help your body cope with stress. Let's look a bit more into why. 

& if you want to get an even deeper dive, check out Adaptogens 201 for more info!

A deeper look at adaptogens...

Adaptogens are a class of superherbs that help your body defend against stress. Because your body is less taxed from fighting stress, adaptogens effectively give your own energy back to you.

Adaptogens work systemically in the body to help balance, restore, and protect. In order to qualify as an adaptogen, an herb must be:

  • Non-toxic - having no ill side effects - at normal therapeutic doses
  • Nonspecific - meaning it works holistically in the body)
  • and have a normalizing effect on the body, helping it to maintain homeostasis (think balance, baby!)

Before we move on, we want you to be aware that "adaptogen" is a term often thrown around without much scientific basis! At Rasa we only use adaptogens that meet the criteria above.

The signature Rasa blend contains these adaptogens:

  • Roots: eleuthero, shatavari, codonopsis, rhodiola, ashwagandha, he shou wu
  • Mushrooms: reishi

If you want to know more about our ingredients, check out this post.

We consider Rasa to be your personal apothecary-in-a-cup for the most well-researched and mighty adaptogens available, combined with Ceylon cinnamon to smooth out the flavor and help diffuse the herbal benefits into your body better!

The many benefits of adaptogens include:

  • Adaptogens help the body adapt (hence the name) to the toxic effects of stress and actually adjust their function to your body’s specific needs to improve your health.
  • They support and nourish your adrenals (your adrenal glands enable your body to deal with stress from every possible source), helping to manage both your hormonal and neurotransmitter response to stress and assisting you to cope with anxiety and fatigue, without jolts or crashes.
  • They stimulate your central nervous system with gentle side effects, unlike some popular CNS stimulants out there...
  • Some adaptogens help build up your immune system.
  • Other benefits include: supporting healthy blood pressure, increasing libido and containing high amounts of antioxidants.

    Hot off the stove...

    Here at Rasa, we aren’t just jumping on the adaptogen bandwagon because it’s the hottest trend in functional foods (even though that’s dope!)

    We’re here because we recognize that our old ways of pushing our bodies, using too much caffeine and employing endless productivity hacks, aren’t working anymore…

    Drink your Rasa black, dirty, bulletproofed, with cream (or mylk!) Your Rasa can be as unique as you are, but the results stay consistent: naturally boost energy, super-charge your immune system and enhance mental clarity.

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